THE MOST EXCITING TIME! You throw your campaign up and those pledges start to roll in, you refresh your campaign endlessly… This is about building early momentum with your campaign and not necessarily sharing it too wide too early.

Grouping Strategy
Group your networks based on how likely they are to pledge, and finish with each group before moving to the next. You want people who are the least likely to pledge to see the campaign when it’s looking healthy and positive.

Core Supporters
Directly share the campaign with your core supporters. Text, email or call all your supporters and gather the first round of pledges. Create small Facebook chat groups with different social groups to start conversations so you don’t have to be the one that’s always reminding them.

Explain how crowdfunding works. If you’re reaching out to those that are a little less tech savvy, give them an introduction to crowdfunding and re-iterate that supporters won’t be charged unless the target is reached.

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