Ensure every team member is sharing the campaign with all their contacts. Boost your reach by hitting the aggregation of all your networks.
Ask stakeholders to share your campaign. If your budget is going towards a local business or freelancer then they’ll have another customer if your project goes ahead - explain that your success is their success!

Find Audiences
Where can you find your audience? Do they trawl certain forums, are they always reading the same magazines? What communities are they a part of and what do they connect with? Piggyback off similar events. Hand out flyers, present a speech and do all you can to provide access to your campaign. Make sure you campaign is easy to find! Learn how to maximise your SEO potential here

Share Everywhere
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google +, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Reddit, Tumblr, notice boards, newsletters, flyers, forums. You can’t put your campaign in too many places.

Get Contacts
Think back to any old events you’ve run in the past. Did you offer ticket sales online or did you advertise it with a Facebook event? Reach back out to these contacts & share your new project with them. These people are familiar with your work but might not follow you on social media.

Newsletters & Notice Boards
Is anyone in the team affiliated with any relevant Schools, Universities or groups? Get in touch and see if they can help you reach more people.

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