Generate Leads
Do you already have a following or audience relevant to the project? Before you launch, get as many people ready to pledge as possible so you can hit the ground running - you could almost say your campaign starts NOW.

It may seem counter-intuitive but a longer campaign doesn’t necessarily have a greater chance of success. There’s usually a high activity of pledges in the first and last few days of a campaign. The middle can be pretty inactive and it’s not necessarily that valuable stretching this out to more than a month.

Ideally your campaign will end at a time that doesn’t coincide with any other social events or trends. Make sure you’ve got a plan to maximise engagement.

Content & Social
Create and keep content to share through the Pozible updates function and on social media. Space it out and don’t burn through all your content too early.
Choose three social media platforms that your audience engages with and focus your energy on these. Get as much content ready and find a hashtag you can make your own.

Cash Bombs
Organise well timed cash bombs. If your grandma is going to drop a large amount into the campaign, it might be best to inject this at a strategic time so that the campaign maintains its momentum.

Partnerships & Events
Partner up and gain access to relevant audiences. Think about relevant organisations that you can engage with and consider what you can offer them in exchange for their endorsement.
Plan an event. Host either a virtual Facebook event or a real life event to reinvigorate your campaign. Make sure you get people to pledge at the event from their phones, hand out flyers with your campaign URL or gather email addresses to follow up. For advice on working with influencers check out our blog post.

Momentum & PR
Build the perception that your campaign is trending. Get your core supporters in early, thank and tag supporters everyday and space out the updates with good news.
Make some relationships with the press so you can reach out when you need to. Wait until you’ve gained a fair amount of traction before you approach the press - the general public and the press won’t get behind a campaign that’s only 20% funded. Learn all about approaching press in our blog post. 

Have a plan before you Start

Rick Chen
Pozible Cofounder

"Campaign promotion is probably the bulk of the work you’ll do. You need to be prepared so you can spend your time working “in” your strategy, not “on” your strategy. Try to have something to do every day."

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