Stevie Cruz-Martin and Daniel Minks have been a filmmaking partnership for a number of years, with their short films selected for countless film festivals. The Perth-based filmmakers set out to complete their deeply personal film exploring these of disability, queeness, youth, love and more.

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Pozible Crowdfunding Campaign

In 2014 the Stevie Cruz-Martin and Daniel Monks set out to make their feature film PULSE about a gay, disabled teen whose body changes into a beautiful woman's so that he can be loved.

They cleverly prepared their rewards by explaining what that money has funded and what pledgers would receive in return; "Every set needs gaffer tape and you just bought it. For this we'll be publicly declaring our love for you and sending you an online copy of the finished film". They reached their target in just 40 hours.

On the 2nd of May Stevie Cruz-Martin and Daniel Monks' campaign closed with $23,561 pledged from 154 supporters, more than $8K over their $15,000 target.

PULSE Feature Film Campaign

"We could not have made this film without the support and love of these kind souls."

— Stevie Cruz-Smith 

After The Campaign

Since completing their film with the funds raised via their Pozible campaign, the filmmakers have gone on to showcase at many film festivals including the Sydney Film Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Korean International Film Festival and even won the BNK Busan Bank award at the Korean International Film Festival worth US$20,000.


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