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takayna / Tarkine is one of the last wild places on Earth. This vast region in Tasmania's north west, contains Australia's largest temperate rainforest, 40 000 years of Aboriginal history and is alive with rare and endangered wildlife.  But for decades, Labor and Liberal have logged its rainforests and allowed off-road vehicles to damage ancient Aboriginal heritage.  

Tasmania’s 2018 state election is a turning point for takayna / Tarkine.

The next Tasmanian government can protect one of the last wild places on Earth.

Or destroy it.

The current policies of both the state and federal Liberal governments and Labor oppositions is to turn the Tarkine into a logging and mining province, with a heritage coastline that remains open to rapid degradation by off-road vehicles. 

Off-road vehicles are damaging one of Australia’s richest Aboriginal cultural landscapes. Australia’s largest temperate rainforest is threatened by logging.

This election is our best chance to win secure protection for the Tarkine. 

We plan to make the Tarkine a key election issue with rallies, frontline action and marches.

For only people power will come to its rescue from the three-pronged mechanised invasion now under way.

Our aim is to have the Tarkine declared a World Heritage listed National Park and returned to the Aboriginal people of Tasmania. But this cannot happen without a change in the collective political will in Tasmania.

To achieve that goal, at the next Tasmanian election, more people will need to vote for candidates committed to protecting the Tarkine. We need your support to make this possible.

Help us mount this important campaign with its simple message. Vote Tarkine - it's in your hands.

Budget Overview

Organising team  $22 600

Our great campaign team will need some extra hands on deck to make sure Vote Tarkine becomes a major election issue.

Outdoor Advertising $14 350

Bus advertising and coreflute election posters around Tasmania. We want to strategically place stunning images of the Tarkine across the state to raise awareness of the urgent plight of one of Earth's last great wilderness areas.

Cinema and Social Media Advertising $17 000

Broadcasting the beauty, uniqueness and plight of the Tarkine is fundamental to our campaign's success.

Public Events $25 000

We will rally people, march the streets, establish conservation camps in ancient forests threatened by logging, host public meetings and candidate forums across Tasmania to ensure our campaign is loud, highly visible and impossible to ignore. 

TOTAL $88 950

This is more than we are asking from our crowdfunding supporters but we have a plan for raising the additional $29 000 if needs be. If we reach this full amount on Pozible this will mean more time on the campaign trail and less time fundraising.

Potential Challenges

Our challenge is how to raise the voice for the environment and threatened wild places in elections that often forget the environment or set out policies to continue destruction of natural and cultural values is our challenge.

A challenge we are prepared to face with passion, commitment and enthusiasm for environmental protection and protection of takayna / Tarkine.

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