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Is your superannuation invested in tobacco?

Hello! I’m Dr. Bronwyn King,

I’m an oncologist and the Founder and CEO of Tobacco Free Portfolios.  In 2010, I found out by accident that my Super Fund invested my money in tobacco companies – the very companies that made the products that caused my patients unimaginable harm. In fact, 15,000 Australians die early as a result of tobacco every year. What I discovered next was that it wasn’t just my Super Fund investing in tobacco – it was almost all Super Funds!  Australia is considered one of the world’s leading countries on tobacco control and we have one of the lowest smoking rates in the world, but here was a critical missing piece: 

Almost all Australian workers were investing in tobacco companies without even knowing...

Since then, my team has worked tirelessly to bring this issue into the boardrooms of Super Funds across Australia.


We're well on the way with 35 large Australian Super Funds now tobacco-free, which accounts for almost 50% of all Super Funds in Australia. They’ve gotten rid of around $2.5 Billion dollars worth of tobacco stocks.  

This is great progress, but the problem is that most fund members don't know if their money is being invested in tobacco or not.  

Our new initiative is called Verified Tobacco-Free.

The Verified Tobacco-Free logo will be available for tobacco-free Super Funds to adopt, subject to an audit to confirm their tobacco-free status.  Then:

- Super Funds can proudly display the logo to clearly demonstrate their tobacco-free status.  

- Fund members can be sure that their money is not being invested in tobacco.

- We can 'Name and Fame' tobacco-free Super Funds, which will encourage other funds to follow suit. 

We want to thank everyone who has supported us so far - especially our families and friends, health groups and the responsible investment community. Also, a huge shout out goes to the finance leaders who have led the way and made the change to tobacco-free.

Now we're inviting you to support us!


Every dollar will help make Verified Tobacco-Free a reality.  We'd love for you to back this new initiative.

You can contribute by pledging to this campaign and by spreading the word.

All contributions are tax deductible.

Thanks +++ in advance 

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How The Funds Will Be Used

All funds contributed will be used to roll out the Verified Tobacco-Free initiative.

Expenses include legal costs, designer fees, website development, printing, development of an auditing process, costs for our team to engage with the finance sector, phones, email and a launch event.

The Challenges

Many people are unknowingly contributing to what the World Health Organisation has described as a global tobacco epidemic.

Most super and pension fund members are invested in default investment options, which unbeknown to them, are invested in tobacco companies. Such financial support of the tobacco industry stands in sharp contrast to the efforts of the global health sector to advance tobacco control and the commitment demonstrated by 180 governments that have signed the UN Tobacco Treaty.

Here are just some of the alarming statistics that drive our motivation to reach our goal to make the Australian Superannuation Industry 100% tobacco-free:

Tobacco results in the early death of 15,000 Australians every year.  Globally, the number is six million dealths per year.

In 2016, more Australian women died from lung cancer than from breast cancer.

The average age that Australian's start smoking is 16 years and two months.

The World Health Organisation estimates that the world is on track for one billion tobacco-related deaths this century.

If you don't want to invest in tobacco companies, then please invest in us...

  1. Pledge here to support the new Verified Tobacco-Free initiative
  2. Share our story
  3. Make sure your super fund is tobacco-free.

Thanks +++ 

Bronwyn and the team.

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In the news...

Listen, read and watch Bronwyn spreading the word. Please share anywhere and everywhere to keep rasing awareness!!!

ABC New Breakfast - 20 June 2017

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The Health Report, ABC Radio National - 19 June 2017

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TEDx Sydney - 16 June 2017,  Emma Reynolds - 14 June 2017


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