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Artist as Family will spend a year bike-camping along the east coast of Australia extending our knowledges of foraging, hunting and bartering for food, gathering material to compile a new book on wild edibles called Free Food. The publication will include botanical illustrations, photographs, recipes, ecological, nutritional and cultural information, and other AaF 'discoveries' along the way. With more Global Financial Crises looming, as well as peak oil and climate change contributing to food scarcities we want as many people as possible to know how to feed themselves and travel outside the industrialised food and energy grid.

Some Of My Previous Work

Artist as Family have conducted a number of fruitful projects in the past including '17 Days' (2009), commissioned by the Lock-up Cultural Centre in Newcastle and 'Food Forest' (2010–), commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Food ethics and politics are central to Artist as Family's practice. Generating food that brings human and ecological health and global justice is our creative call call to arms. We currently teach foraging and accountable killing skills, we are bloggers, writers, poets, artists, video makers who also make music.

The Challenges

While there is always risk in life, especially while riding a bicycle in a car-enculturated country, Artist as Family are not flaky souls. We pride ourselves on being there 'til the end, making sure that each project more than meets ours and others' expectations. Failing being hit by a truck or having a tree fall across our tent, we will deliver a concise, pragmatic and inspiring book enabling people to start foraging for free food and reclaiming the commons.
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