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Greetings, Food History Lovers!

A year ago I started a website titled Delicious History, a blog that is, dedicated to everything historical and culinary. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I've be fortunate enough to find that there are quite a few people out there who are interested in the tasty world of Food History. 

If you haven't visited Delicious History before, I highly recommend that you check it out, and not just because it'll boost my site stats -

I have no doubt that you'll find a post on there that will fascinate, and hopefully amuse you.

I now want to take the next step in sharing my food related historical tidbits with the world by creating a companion podcast to go with the website. I think it will be an fantastic way to build a larger following, as well as prove how fun and delicious history can be. Who doesn't love a little food and humour with their education?

Now here's the tricky part. Thanks to a recent redundancy, I need your help you make this dream a reality. Podcasts need equipment, software, media hosting, artwork, and music - all of which need to be paid for. Because I can't rely on the kindness of retailers to simply give me the resources I need, I'm hoping that some of my beloved readers can help me to get Delicious History onto the internet airwaves. 

The best part about pledging to the Delicious History Podcast Project is that every donation entitles you to a reward. That's right, if we hit our target you not only get Delicious History in your earbuds, you also get a BONUS PRIZE. What's not to love? 

If by some miracle you've happened across this project and we've already hit our target, I encourage you to pledge anyway! $500 is the bare minimum needed to get the podcast off the ground - each additional donation helps to make it all the more awesome and polished. 

So if you love food, history or my good self, please help get Delicious History into an iTunes store near you!
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A$10 +You will get a public 'thank you' on Twitter and/or Facebook that will praise you with great praise.
3 Chosen | 997 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2013
A$25 +As well as the above public 'thank you', you will also be have a Delicious History blog post dedicated to you.
1 Chosen | 14 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2013
A$50 +As well as getting the aforementioned public 'thank you', you will also get to choose a food history topic for me to write a post about. This post will of course be dedicated to you. When I record a podcast about this topic, it will also be publicly dedicated to you. Remember to make sure I haven't already written about your chosen topic!
4 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is May 2013
A$100 +As well as the public 'thank you' and dedicating a Delicious History post to you, you will also get to choose the food history topic for one of my first podcasts! The episode will be dedicated to you and you will be mentioned by name
0 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is May 2013
A$250 +As well as all of the above rewards, you will be invited to appear on the show that you have picked the topic for. Note - If you don't live in the area we can still record the show via Skype, so long as you have a half decent microphone.
0 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2013
A$500 +I like your style! For being so incredibly generous, you get all of the above rewards, as well as an Honourary Producer credit that will appear in the show notes for every episode.
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