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NOTE: There are now 5 Imaginary Friend rewards available for $350 each. If you want to upgrade to this reward from another reward, please contact me and I'll talk you through it. There has already been one upgrade, hence it looks like there are only four available altogether. Sorry about the slightly inelegant solution, it is probably First Dog's fault.

WELL, THIS IS EXCELLENT. We made our goal, so the trip is on. Thank you backers, you are the best. However, if you would still like to back the project, if we can get to $13 000 we can print the book in full colour throughout, which would be pretty cool, though it will mean breaking out the good crayons. So please feel more than welcome to pick up some rewards.

*** WE MADE OUR FULL COLOUR GOAL, SO WOW, THANK YOU *** Any further funds will go into a larger print run and side trips (we have already confirmed a detour to Bruny Island to investigate the important nexus between whisky and cheese). Remember: we are doing this for our country and in fact the entire planet. You're welcome.


Jon and Firstdog

(Just for the record, the order of events will be: ride the bikes, drink the whisky, bit of a lie down, hearty breakfast, coffee, repeat, as otherwise it would be illegal and we also don't want to die. Drink whisky responsibly! Hahahaha (no, really, this is serious).

Jon's Bit:

Look, here's the thing: First Dog and I would like you to give us money so that we can cycle around Tasmania on electric bikes and drink whisky.

The goal of the trip is to self-publish our tour diary as a book in which we interpret the whisky, the bicycle journey
and the mystery of existence through the medium of cartoons (and possibly dance and terrible song depending on the level of whisky consumed). We're planning to go in March 2014 and have the book available in extremely good bookshops just in time for Christmas.

Now before you go hahahaha no you wacky cartoonists and give all your money to some lesser project, whisky is a pretty big deal in Tasmania these days. There are nine distilleries and two independent bottlers operating in the state with another three distilleries going online in the next couple of years. Somebody needs to investigate, and in all honesty the only people capable of doing this properly are me and First Dog. From the bottom of Tasmania all the way to the top, rain, hail or shine (which in Tasmania is usually all at once) the whisky must be drunk by investigative gonzo cartoonjournalists, if only to keep warm.

Seriously though, whenever First Dog and I get together we drink a great deal of whisky and are immensely entertaining if we recall correctly, so essentially we have been in training for this trip our whole lives. We are willing to record this journey in words and pictures in old-fashioned "book" form for you, the good burghers of Australia. To be blunt, this is the greatest and most noble endeavour in the history of crowdfunding. At the very least, you have to be curious as to what we will come up with.

Firstdog's bit:

I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean it sounds like a good idea and obviously if it works out I will be happy to take credit for thinking of it.

However when Jon originally suggested it to me (unless it is a good idea in which case I suggested it to him) I was a bit suspicious.

He managed to convince me though (or me him) when he (or I) said, Whisky, Bicycles, Lovely Scenery and Meeting the Local Marsupials, Farm Animals and General Gentle Country Rambling. Also Bicycles Good Food And Whisky Again. No sleeping in ditches.

So it will be excellent. And all the while through the magic of internet I look forward to blogtwitting all my facefriends on instachatsnap thingy as we journey about the Apple Isle.

I wonder if Tasmanians hate it being called the Apple Isle. I would. Let’s find out!

I am glad I thought of it. Probably.

Some Of My Previous Work

How The Funds Will Be Used

The major part of the funds will be used for printing the book, which will have a rather stylish leatherette cover. The remainder will be used to pay for the bikes, whisky and accommodation. If we go over our goal, we'll print more books, because our goal allows for the absolute bare minimum print run and it does become a more economic proposition if we print a million or so. We will also be able to avoid sleeping in ditches (or at least I will because dogs love sleeping in ditches I believe). Let's face it, we won't be skimping on the whisky.

The three distilleries labelled "Not Sure Yet", "Maybe" and "TBA" on the map are still in the planning stages so if we get a bit of extra cash, we'll see if we can visit those too and find out what's happening there. There are a few other interesting places we'd like to look at on the way as well and we'll factor those in depending on time and cash available.

The Challenges

The more obstacles and challenges there are, the better the book will be. A flat tyre in the middle of the Great Lakes in a howling snowstorm will provide a very entertaining chapter, if being not as hilarious at the time as it will be in print.

Hopefully most of the bad stuff will happen to First Dog.

We are cartoonists. We will overcome.

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A$10 +Signed Official Certificate Of Mild Gratitude from the Investigative Gonzo Cartoonjournalists' Whisky Appreciation And Electric Bicycle Riding Society Of Tasmania which we will be printing off on a laser printer I mean come on, what do you expect for ten bucks?
4 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$20 +We will send you a postcard during the trip with a lovely (and possibly drunken) message from whichever bit of Tasmania we are in at the time. We may even spill some whisky on it if you are lucky.
9 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$30 +Official Whisky Tour Tea Towel showing an illustrated map of the trip, containing the high points like where Jon singlehandedly saves a breeding pair of Tasmanian Tigers from evil poachers and low points like where Firstdog gets pitchforked by an angry mob for calling Tasmania the Apple Isle one time too many, signed by both cartoonists.
15 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2014
A$40 +The Book Of The Trip signed by both cartoonists. The book itself will be a very schmick leatherette casebound affair with lots of words and pictures. You will laugh, you will cry, you will feel like having a drink, then you will laugh and cry some more, possibly both at the same time. Books will be sent out before it is available at bookshops.
111 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2014
A$75 +$20 + $30 + $40 reward (postcard, tea towel and signed book) package deal for people who want all the things.
42 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2014
A$100 +Limited edition (100) Book Of The Trip, numbered, signed with a drawing from both cartoonists in which we say lovely things about you even if they aren't necessarily true on the inside cover. Everyone will be jealous. The book will be a very schmick leatherette casebound affair with lots of words and pictures. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel like having a drink, then you'll laugh and cry even more. Books will be posted before it's available at bookshops. We'll throw in a tea towel too.
78 Chosen | 22 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2014
A$250 +During the trip we will be sketching and taking notes. We will be putting 12 each of our favourite originals up for sale, unframed, as-is, making a gallery of 24 to choose from. Pledgers will be able to choose one of these artworks in order of pledging (first come first served). This is limited to 20 pledges so the last person doesn't get stuck with the drunken scrawl of a dog's bottom (drawing may or may not be from life). We will burn the remaining four spurned drawings in a ritual fashion.
8 Chosen | 12 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2014
A$350 +You are our imaginary friend on the trip! Send us a picture of yourself and make a guest star appearance in the book, saving an adorable quoll, or bulldozing a forest or something. It will be excellent, you will be in the book and you don't even have to be there! Also you get a SPECIAL BEST FRIEND EDITION of the book, a tea towel, a postcard (to tell you what you've been up to) and VIP treatment if you can make it to the Hobart book launch (we will make fun of you but in a nurturing way).
2 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2014