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Greetings music fans!

We're absolutely delighted to announce the imminent arrival of our first LIVE album. This imaginatively titled album 'The Wilson Pickers LIVE!' is being released on vinyl, cd, cassette and somewhere in cyberspace.  We'd like to offer you, our dear fans and supporters, the chance to get your hands on this new recording before anybody else by pre-ordering your copy so you can have it by Christmas. That's two whole months before it hits the stores! 

We're also offering you the chance to purchase a one off test pressing of our new 'Live!" vinyl and also the chance to have us perform at your place.

Recorded at the famous Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival in 2017, 'The Wilson Pickers LIVE!' is a candid snap shot of us doing what we do best.

Last year we returned from our four year hiatus and released our third studio album 'You Can't Catch Fish From a Train'. We ended up being nominated for an ARIA Award, a Golden Guitar and also an AIR Award. We came a close second each time. (Second comes right after first!) So close! 

We can't deny the joy we felt at being back on the road to bring you our new songs and old favourites across the country. We took our caravan of Australiana to Port Fairy Folk Festival, The Spiegel Tent in Hobart, Riverboats in Echuca, Splendour in the Grass, Tamworth Country Music Festival, Yeppoon Village Festival, Broadbeach Country Music Festival, Mullum Music Festival, Bello Winter Festival, Dashville Skyline, Wallaby Creek Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival and of course Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival. It's been a hell of a ride! 

Preorder your copy today so you can turn us on at your place when ever you're in the mood. 

Here're some early reviews we've had for the new album 'The Wilson Pickers Live!' 

"The banjo could be a bit louder" Ben Salter (banjo)

"I thought they'd be funnier" Oliver Widdicombe (Danny's son)

Obviously not a great start but maybe you'll have more 'constructive' criticism to add to our CV. 

See you on the road!

The Wilson Pickers

Budget Overview

Howdy folks!

We intend to use the $2,500 to pay for the pressing of our vinyl. We're only making 350 copies and we're having it made in Australia at Zenith Records - gotta support local maufacturers right?

The pressing itself will cost over $3,500 but with your help we'll be able to get it over the line.

Potential Challenges

It's always risky making a new album and it's especially so wth this one because we've never released a Live album before. Hopefully people are interested. As Chuck Berry said, "it goes to show, you can never tell".

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AU$10 +The Wilson Pickers Live! Hi-fi DownloadThis is your chance to grab a copy of 'The Wilson Pickers Live!' on hi-fi download 2 months before it hits the stores!
7 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is December 2017
AU$10 +The Wilson Pickers Live! on Cassette TapeLimited Edition, home made cassette tapes of the new album 'The Wilson Pickers Live!" . You can even tape over them if your heart desires.
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AU$20 +The Wilson Pickers Live! on Compact DiscThis is your chance to grab a copy of The Wilson Pickers Live! album two months before it's out in the shops.
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AU$35 +The Wilson Pickers Live! VINYL$35 get vinyl copy of 'The Wilson Pickers Live!' plus $10 postage.
17 Chosen | 183 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2017
AU$50 +The Legend Pack !!! CD, Hat, Frisbee & Tote BagYou get our new album 'The Wilson Pickers Live!' on CD, plus our famous trucker cap, our life essential frisbee, a Wilson Sticker™, a poster and our sturdy, eco friendly tote bag, all for a measly $100 !!! We must be crazy... (Sticker and Poster only while stocks last). Not available outside Australia.
4 Chosen | 16 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2017
AU$55 +2 xVinyl !! 'You Can't Catch Fish ...' + "Live!"You get to have our new Live! album on vinyl plus so our last studio album (which was ARIA Award nominated) for only $55. Whoah! Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
11 Chosen | 39 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2017
AU$65 +Legend Pack - Vinyl, Hat, Frisbee and Tote BagYou get to pre-order our brand new vinyl album 'The Wilson Pickers Live!', 2 months before it hits the stores, and delivered to you by Xmas, plus our famous trucker cap, frisbee, The Wilson Sticker ™, a poster and an eco friendly tote bag all for $120 !!! We must be insane! (Sticker a poster only while stocks last). This reward is only available in Australia.
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AU$300 +All GoneSigned Vinyl Test Pressing of 'Live!'A vinyl test pressing is the very FIRST pressing the record plant makes when they're starting production of a new album. There'll only be one of these - so you end up with this you'll be the only person in the entire UNIVERSE with one. Not even the band themselves will have the bragging rights that this piece of music history entitles its owner to. It comes in a plain white sleeve and that will be signed by the five scallywags that are The Wilson Pickers.
1 Chosen | 0 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2017
AU$6000 +All GoneHouse ConcertYou can have The Wilson Pickers playing all their hits and rarities at your place IN PERSON ! Imagine five men standing in a row, all singing in harmony in the privacy of your home! Obviously we'd have to arrange a time that suits the band's and your schedule. (We'll go everywhere in Oz except Perth and Darwin. If you're from Perth or Darwin, we'll happily work out a fee that can accommodate both parties).
1 Chosen | 0 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2018