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Goal: The 9pm Edict live from Brisbane, plus another podcast

Hello, I’m Stilgherrian. It’s time for yet another Public House Forum episode of my podcast The 9pm Edict, this time from Brisbane.

While I’m there, I’ll record another podcast with a VERY SPECIAL GUEST: author and columnist John Birmingham. According to Wikipedia, he is known for the 1994 memoir He Died with a Felafel in His Hand, and his Axis of Time trilogy. He’s also responsible for the twice-weekly column Alien Side Boob, and his column for Fairfax Media.

John Birmingham (Photo Matt Eaton/ABC)

Here’s what you’ll get...

1. Public House Forum 7

A forum recorded in a public house. Yes, a pub. Before a live audience. It’s the seventh in this occasional, series The last one was recorded at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide. Listen immediately below, or on SoundCloud, Spreaker, or my own website.

We’ll be recording on the afternoon of Sat 2 June at the Semi-Pro Brewing Co in East Brisbane, and with guests TBA as we get closer to the date. It will also be streamed live, and the edited and remixed podcast will be posted a few days later.

2. The 9pm Probe: John Birmingham, author and columnist

The last episode of The 9pm Probe was a fascinating interview with space archaeologist Dr Alice Gorman. Listen immediately below, or on SoundCloud, Spreaker, or my own website.

The interview with John Birmingham will be recorded privately on Mon 4 June, and posted a few days later.

A Note on the Rewards

These are the now-standard rewards I offer for podcast recording projects. Further rewards may be added as the campaign progresses. Suggestions welcome.

Budget Overview

Your contributions will provide me with an income while producing the podcast(s), and cover costs such as travel, accommodation, taxis, and of course the fees charged by Pozible, PayPal, and credit card processors.

Each normal episode of The 9pm Edict takes roughly a day to research, prepare, present, and post. Each Public House Forum episode takes two days all up.

I base my calculations on the MEAA award rate for casual freelance journalists, about $960 per day. As a casual rate, that already includes allowances for superannuation, leave, WorkCover and the like, as well as equipment costs. I’m discounting that by 30% to $650 per day because a lot of the work involves copying and uploading files and other mechanical tasks, so I can do other things at the same time. And I’m discounting it even further by another 20% because I love you.

Pozible’s fees, bank fees and other administration costs take about 9% of the total funds raised. On top of that there’s 10% GST.

If you want to see my working, check the numbers (PDF).

Potential Challenges

Producing media, and managing other people who produce media, are what I’ve been doing for most of my adult life. There’s no real challenge here. I do this stuff every week.

The keys risks when producing any media to a defined schedule are that there won’t be any interesting content, that the production crew runs out of time, or that they’re suddenly not available due to illness, accident or disaster.

There’s always plenty of potential  content. In fact the real challenge — not that there are any challenges, sorry — the real production issue will be selecting what to cover.

As for the schedule, I know precisely how long it takes to make media. I’ve already blocked out time in my schedule.

The worst-case scenario — unless I’m actually completely incapacitated or even dead for the duration — is that things will be delayed. Even a failure to get to the destination can make for interesting media.

If I die, you’ve blown your money.

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