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Usai Technology would like to introduce a Mobile App  (yet to launch). A perfect platform for PA and assist in managing your precious time! 

In this technologically driven world, businesses and consumers are fast moving towards opting for Apps for shopping and business management. Whether conducting business or shopping for products over your smartphone, it seems to be the most efficnet option these days. From productivity to presentations, travel to time management, these apps for business are like the perfect PA - in your pocket.

It's now possible to run a small empire from your smartphone, for business owners managing any of your businesses, 

  • managing your appointments
  • staff monitoring
  • Item/mirror booking, 
  • Inventory control and payroll, 
  • Internal messaging up to keeping track of earnings is at your fingertips, 

While for consumers

  • Product search -  locate a product if available or not to checking whether traffic flow in stores means long queues or lack of customer service 
  • Restaurants bookings whether booked out or instant reservations

In the click of a button everyday life is simplified and can eassily be done by sitting on your couch or in the back of a taxi. Keeping all this in mind a unified business and consumer app is developed and ready to launch.

This is a universal app to make our business and shopping experience easy, and wants to make everyday tasks more efficient, So, for a small monetary cost, you can execute businesses securely and successfully, save a ton of time and build up all sorts of extra money by doing what you need to do already.  It has an inventory system, on demand services booking software for your services business on the cloud.

But there's even more! It also equip with a powerful dashboard where you control and manage both your on-demand and scheduled appointments all on one software, managing your appointments and shopping has never been so easy!

Have we got your attention?

If so, support the launching of this innovative all in one solution! Your contribution can help bring this all in one App for business and consumers for a better experience to life!

Grab this chance to make this innovative idea come to life, any support will greatly be appreciated but furthermore an idea that will benefit all consumers 

Those fund $500+ will be part of our beta testing team with future products and will be part of our recognition board in the office wall if we make it that far to show our appreciation who helps us from the start you will not be forgotten.


How The Funds Will Be Used

Since we first started we have created an impressive number of designs for the end user so easy to use. 

$7000 will be used to developed the basic platform so my idea is a proven one. Anymore will be used to test and make sure the developement is kept in working form. Hopefully more funding then we can provide more jobs to create a better future! Have done research and this app I have been trying to put together by myself is wanting to see with the R&D talking to people via uber help those wanting the idea of the app actually come alive.

The Challenges

What obstacles to success can you foresee for this project?

Changes the mindset of Users Like Uber.

Needing More Fund to get the App to fully Developed & tested and build a Team to keep the product going for Future ventures 

Education is important so we will educate the ubiz partners/businesses to educate the Consumers just like users learn doing thru Uber.  

I understand whats it like with Technology comes out noone teaches you. Usai is going to change that with the KISS approach 





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