The Flying Xamels @ Melb Fringe

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What are The Flying Xamels up to?

The Xamels’ migration has started, Melburnians do not miss the opportunity to see them at The Gingerbread House, inside Emerald City, inside the Meat Market, inside the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Circus programs. The Flying Xamels are rarely observed out of their natural environment and are in great need of supplies.

What are the The Flying Xamels?

A collective herd with a common passion for rope, the elliptic elusive and suggestive art form. Everybody knows that rope is the new black. The Xamels realized that long ago.

Who are the Flying Xamels?

An ex-engineer, an ex-scientist, an accountant, a real estate wizard/traveller, a mathematician, a visual artist/photographer, students, professionals, perhaps, a talented mob thriving in the aerial world, amazing and wicked beings for sure.

What is 4+4=4?

That is in the program in the circus section of the 2016 Melbourne Fringe, where you book your tickets. 

In short, a short story about rope, a short story about the real world and the aerial world.

Why would you WANT to help The Flying Xamels?

Because you love them if you have seen them before, because you are dying to see one if you haven’t met any yet, because you want to support an endangered species. Because the reviews don’t lie:

A Global Sensation! Do not miss The Flying Xamels - The Xamooweal Express

Surrealist,Poetic, Wicked! The Show you WANT to see!The Clover Hill Gazette

Who exactly are they?

The Artiste – Michael Alesich; SpinXAMEL – jessie carson; GracefulXAMEL – michael chia; HeadXAMEL – helene embling; PromoXAMEL – krystyna kynst; The Original XAMEL – xavier sisquella; AcrobatXAMEL – markary szewczenko; DreamXAMEL – tran tu

How The Funds Will Be Used

To make our new home at The Gingerbread House – Emerald City habitable and for us to astound and delight you during 4 %20 4= 4, we need a little assistance from you. Your support will ensure that:

(a) You have a place to witness The Xamels in action;

(b) You can hear and see The Xamels doing what they do;

(c) PR and marketing to spread the word of The Xamels’ migration to 2016 Melbourne Fringe; and

(d) Lastly, a little decoration for our new habitat to make it homely.

The Challenges

Our major challenge is getting bottoms on seats and competing with 500+ shows during the Melbourne Fringe. 

We are eternally grateful and appreciate your support for our Pozible campaign but if you are unable to pledge we would be just as grateful and appreciative if you could tell 10 of your friends and encourage them to tell 10 of their friends to tell another 10 of their friends to come see The Flying Xamels’ ‘4 + 4 = 4’ show. Help us by sharing our facebook event, sharing our facebook page, or simply spreading the word and of course coming to the show.

We are super excited to see you at the show!!

Tickets can be purchased from: Melbourne Fringe - 4 + 4 = 4 Tickets

Find us on Facebook: The Flying Xamels  &  4 + 4 = 4 Event  

on 20th Sep 2016 at 10:30am. The payment portal is closed now.
AU$10 +Thank you!!Every little bit counts. The Xamels will show you some Facebook love with a huge thank you on our Facebook page.
3 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is September 2016
AU$25 +Picture PerfectOn top of the Facebook love, The Xamels will mail you 2 printed photos of the 4 + 4 = 4 show to take its rightful place on your fridge.
3 Chosen | 7 AvailableEst. delivery is October 2016
AU$50 +On the HouseYour support will be rewarded with 1 x complimentary ticket to ‘4 + 4 = 4’ show & 2 printed photos of the show.
3 Chosen | 7 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2016
AU$60 +Xamel TaxNot only will you be helping us out but our resident accountant can help you out with the tax man. Our accountant will come to you and help you with preparing your 2016 tax return via MyTax. N.B: you must be eligible to use MyTax to lodge your tax return.
0 Chosen | 5 AvailableEst. delivery is October 2016
AU$75 +Date Night on UsSpend a night out with a friend on us with 2 x complimentary ticket to ‘4 + 4 = 4’ show & 4 printed photos of the show.
2 Chosen | 8 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2016
AU$100 +Signed XamelsSo much Xamel love!! As a token of our appreciation we will send you the official ‘4 + 4 = 4’ A2 poster signed by all The Xamels.
1 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is October 2016
AU$150 +Framed & Signed XamelYou are AmaXing!!! For all of your amazing-ness, we will receive a specially signed and framed ‘4 + 4 = 4’ A2 poster.
2 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is October 2016
AU$250 +Framed Xamel IllustrationWOW – thank you!! Your generosity will be rewarded with a framed original one-of-a-kind illustration from The Artiste (Michael Alesich). Let your imagination run wild as Michael will create an illustration of whatever you like. Check out his abstractly original illustrations on his website:
3 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is October 2016
AU$500 +Honorary XamelYour generosity blows our mind and you are officially an honorary Xamel! As an honorary Xamel, you will be treated to: (i) 2 x complimentary tickets to the show; (ii) 1 x framed A2 official poster signed by all The Xamels; and (iii) 1 x framed original one-of-a-kind illustration by The Artiste
1 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2016