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Returning the Print Making Love

 (This is top secret)

There is someone special in this town who has helped take local print making to a whole new level. In the last year alone she will have helped curate four exhibitions, for more than 100 artists, that have showcased over 200 works.  She has done this with incredible generosity and humility, giving long unpaid hours to this labour of love and often personally subsidising the costs of the events.

Now is our chance to return the print making love. At the launch of her next extravaganza (Botanica) on Nov 17 the goal is to have raised $5000 to send her to the US for a week or two in 2017 on a print making field trip. The money raised will cover most of her travel and accommodation. If we raise more then she can eat well, have the occasional beer, tip with dignity and catch a cab.

…and please don’t mention this to Simone. The goal is for the print making community to thank her at the opening of Botanica. Until then it’s a secret.

PS everyone who donates will receive something handmade from the Union Street Crew. 

How The Funds Will Be Used

The intention is to provide her with a flexible pool of funds to travel to San Franscico and beyond for a couple of weeks. On this 'international print run' she can visit the amazing printmaking spaces in that city and elsewhere she might want to go in the US. No doubt new connections and lots of inspriation will also be generated.

Given her plans to set up another studio…it is likely we will all benefit from this. So, its one of those ‘what goes around comes around’ deals.

The assumption is she can choose the timing and the best use of the resources. We might also want help with connections in the Bay Area and beyond and we may also be able to support grant applications to support this trip. 

But for no let's get the minimum required for this trip to take place - $5000.

The Challenges

We have two and a half weeks, we need to work fast and to keep it quiet!

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