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Company AT is a performing arts ensemble of people who are on the Autism Spectrum. We have been working on an original play called Impersonal Space that will explain Autism and bring awareness like never before because it will be created and performed by an entirely Autistic cast.

Impersonal Space explores the Autistic mind through the eyes of a child. While experiencing a vivid imaginary world, a nine year old girl finds the world around her perplexing and at times overwhelming. This is the story of how a family comes to terms with difference and how a young girl comes to terms with herself.


We have an amazing opportunity to perform Impersonal Space at the Queen’s Theatre in Adelaide in October 2017 but we need your help with our production costs. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Creative Partnerships Australia.


Thanks for your support!


Julian Jaensch

Artistic Director, Company AT

How The Funds Will Be Used

We need $10,000 to produce Impersonal Space and perform it at the famous Queen's Theatre in Adelaide. 

  • When raised we will use the funds for set, costume, lighting and other production costs for Impersonal Space.

  • If we raise $5,000 in this campaign, all funds will be matched dollar for dollar by Creative Partnerships Australia.

  • With our sponsors and community partners, such as Autism SA, we will make this a huge community event bringing Autistic and non Autistic people together.

  • This play has been developed by Autistic people, will be performed by Autistic people, to create awareness for Autistic people.

The Challenges

People on the Autism Spectrum still face many challenges despite gaining awareness. 

As the spectrum is extremely diverse, everyone on it is affected individually and to many different degrees. The traditional school system struggles to accommodate children with different behaviours and learning styles, leaving children with ASD isolated as they also have difficulty with social skills and making friends, leaving them open to bullying.

As adults, school leavers tend to withdraw as they have failed to feel accepted and understood most of their lives. Older adults who have been diagnosed in later life have often had it very tough and been regarded as oddities for most of their life, so they generally shy away from society, creating a more comfortable world centered around their interests.

It is very difficult for parents to find the right support for their children as well as programs to help them pursue their interests and abilities. All of these factors have created an extremely low employment rate, lower than all other disabilities for young people in their twenties.

This is why we feel Impersonal Space is such an important project to create a fundamental understanding of Autism, to remove stigma and bring to light the amazing abilities of Autistic people. The most vital component of Impersonal Space is that Autistic people are doing this themselves.

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