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WE'VE DONE IT! We are overwhelmed by the support we have recieved throughout this campaign, and especially in the last few days! 

THANK YOU on behalf of our team personally, Devil Ark as an organisation and the Tasmanian devil!! Know that their population will increase as a result of what YOU have done! Keep your eyes peeled on Monday for a more elaborate update and thank you video! 

 Once again, THANK YOU, we couldn't have done this without EACH AND EVERY one of you!!


Its official - there is only 12 hours to go! We're almost home, 9% left to raise! We've come to far not to reach our goal.

We know you have all supported this cause, want to save the Tasmanian Devil and we appreciate your help so much, but we ask that you dig deep, support us, and bring us home!

Dont worry if we overshoot, if we raise more than the set task, we simply build more homes for Tasmanian Devils!



What a jump we have seen in the last 24 hours! Thank you to those who have donated and shared the word. We are so close now! We are now 86% of the way there with only 28hours to go. 

A special mention to the Australian Reptile Park for matching a large anonymous donation made yesterday, as well as those below who have made significant contributions to save the Tasmanian Devil!

John Mills, Alyson Moore, Alexandra Davidson, Sarah Davies, and Karina Castan.

We are within reach of the target, and need you with us to the end! Lets bring it home strong!


We are now in our final days of our campaign and have still a long way to go! We ask everyone to jump on board, and help us race to our target!

Please share this story, and if you want to see devils in the wild in the future and not just on TV then donate!


Make this Christmas Count!

We are nearly half way through our campaign, and so thankful to those who continue to show their support. Remember sharing the cause is critical to us meeting our target, and each of you is helping us get to the finish line!

Over the Christmas season the world will be thinking about what they are thankful for, and like most people we are busily preparing last minute gifts for those we love – including OUR TASMANIAN DEVILS!!

If you’re still searching for that unique gift for someone you care about - we have a great idea for you! What better way to give something with special meaning than a donation (given on that someone special’s behalf) that helps save an Aussie icon from extinction! On top of this you will be able to pass along a truly unique reward as a pressie on Christmas day!

Little Pepper here says G’day and thanks to all those who have joined us so far, and to those who are willing to share this with just one friend today!

What a Start! THANK YOU!!!

WOW! In just three days we have raised over $130,000!!! That is simply astonishing, humbling and has proven what we know to be true – the world is watching the Australian extinction crisis, and wants to save the Tasmanian devil!

We are eternally thankful to Global Wildlife Conservation (G.W.C) who have not only enabled the plight of the devil to become a global issue, but have given this campaign a real chance at succeeding!

Additionally Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered (F.A.M.E) have once again rallied to support our project and save another Australian species in crisis.

Our appreciation doesn’t end there – each and every contributor; large and small is making a difference to this campaign and to saving this Aussie icon from becoming extinct. This is a numbers game, and we need continued support to meet our target! We believe that Australian’s and the global community will rise to the challenge of this campaign and help us reach out target!

It’s not over yet! We are only in the early stages, and while we have enjoyed a fantastic beginning to this fight, we still have a long way to go.

Please help us keep the momentum to grow – jump aboard Devil Ark and join the fight to save Australia’s Tasmanian devil by continuing to share the campain, encouraging others to pledge their support and spreading the word!

As a thank you, check out what your pledge is going to; ensuring a future for our baby Tasmanian devils!

Our Vision is to play a key role in saving the Tasmanian Devil from extinction


Why should we care about the Tasmanian Devil? Is it because these animals are unique? Is it because they play an important ecological role as one of the last remaining terrestrial apex predators, to help restore our ecosystem? Or maybe it is because these adorable, intelligent, rare, charismatic animals are endangered and facing extinction! Australia has the largest mammal extinction rate and it’s a statistic we quickly need to address.


There are only 10% of Tasmanian devils left in the wild – yes you read right.  90% of these amazing, carnivorous marsupials have vanished due to the deadly Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

There is no cure. There is no vaccination. Our solution: To ensure an insurance population of healthy, genetically diverse devils to be released in the wild in disease-free areas to establish healthy populations.  Ambitious?  Of course, but we’ve already proven how effective our conservation solution is and we need your help to make our vision of doubling the Ark a reality.

We cannot allow the closest living relative to the Tasmanian Tiger meet the same fate of being added to Australia’s growing extinction list.  

Devil Ark was created by the Director of Australian Reptile Park (ARP), John Weigel AM, together with Tim Faulkner - Reptile Park General Manager and 2015 Australian Conservationist of the Year - based on their vision and passion to save the Tasmanian devil.


Since 2010, we have taken direct action, establishing a world-renowned conservation facility to breed Tasmanian devils that retain their wild-type behavior and have produced over 200 Tassie devil joeys from 47 founder devils.  In that time, we’ve managed to create an insurance population of 150 adult devils and have welcomed our 200th joey born this year! 

Our first major milestone happened in November 2015, when we successfully released 22, healthy devils into the wild in Tasmania and through regular monitoring and evaluation, these guys and gals are thriving and have created the next generation of wild joeys and they are now roaming freely in Tasmania. Can you imagine, a devil born at Devil Ark returning to the wild and having ‘wild’ joeys of her own? That’s a true success story.

But… we need to double the Ark. Conserving a threatened species is a numbers game, and 150 Devils simply isn’t enough. Doubling the Ark to 360 devils, will consist of four stages with a total budget of $1.5 million. We need your help to raise $375,000 to enable us to undertake Stage 1 of our 2020 goal.

If breeding is a success, we can expect to see over 40 joeys being born.  In ten years, that equates to 400 joeys!  We have proven we can save this iconic species, but we cannot do this without your help. The resources necessary to achieve such an ambitious project of breeding and releasing healthy devils in the wild, requires people like you!

How The Funds Will Be Used

$375,000 will ensure we can complete Stage 1 by expanding our current facility in readiness for the devils to move into by 2017. This expansion requires fencing our borders of 4 square km and building suitable homes and nests for the Devils. Stage 1 will allow us to house an additional 50 devils, (25 males and 25 females). No Barry White love songs, no expensive dinner dates required – just a safe haven for them to roam and the rest is up to nature!

The breakdown of costs is as follows:

  • $150 per metre to extend our fencing border by 4 square km and build new homes for our devils.
  • It costs $2 a day to feed a devil and
  • $2,000 to raise each individual devil.
  • Operational costs including machinery hire and labour

With Christmas fast approaching, what better way to give and make a difference. Your contribution will make a significant difference and in return we will provide you with some amazing rewards. Your support will help us to double our insurance population and ensure that this species will not go extinct.

The Challenges

Conservation faces challenges such as world hunger, climate change etc. Wildlife conservation often comes last. Australia has the worst extinction rate on earth when it comes to our mammals and we refuse to let another- the Tasmanian devil, follow in the same way.

Funding for these projects is difficult. We have a proven model of breeding results, cost efficiency, and land availability, but we now need your financial support to make this vision, a reality!

We stand more to lose than the Devil. Tasmanian Devils are apex predators and in this role they provide balance to nature. Species such as the Eastern Quoll, Eastern-barred Bandicoot and Southern Bettong, all once called the Australian mainland home. Now, they are sadly all extinct and only found in Tasmania.

Australian wildlife is often overlooked with more focus and funding targeted at charismatic species such the Panda, Orangutan or Elephant. Of course they all deserve this attention, however with less than 10,000 Tasmanian Devils left in the wild, we should focus and channel our funding towards conservation efforts in our own backyard! There are less than 1,000 individuals left of Bilbies, Gilberts Potoroo, Numbat, Northern hairy-nosed wombats, Orange-bellied parrots, Corroboree frog and the list goes on. We hear so little of our amazing native wildlife but we must act now to avoid adding these to our extinction list!

On behalf of our devils, we thank you in advance for your generous support.  Merry Christmas. 

on 14th Jan 2017 at 6:00am. The payment portal is closed now.
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AU$5 +A New Year's Resolution to Save a Species!No Reward
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AU$25 +Certificate of ThanksCertificate of recognition of your support to Devil Ark. Our eternal gratitude on behalf of the devils.
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AU$50 +Devil Ark Designer Pen & Certificate of ThanksDevil Ark Designer Pen, and Certificate of Thanks
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AU$100 +All GoneDevil Ark Cap and Certificate of ThanksShow the world how much you love Tassie Devils by wearing this devilish embroided cap!
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AU$500 +All GoneLimited Edition Devil Ark Print11.7 x 16.5in Print of two baby Tasmanian Devil Joeys born at Devil Ark. What better way to show your support than to display this print in your home or office!
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AU$1000 +Original Devil Art & Limited edition PrintFeature 30 x 60cm original art piece painted by this year's baby Tasmanian devils plus a limited edition print -both beautiful additions for your home.
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AU$2000 +Name a baby Tasmanian DevilA truly unique reward! By naming a baby Tasmanian devil after yourself, or a loved one your are showing you care in the most meaningful way!
2 Chosen | 23 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2017
AU$3000 +Be a Hollywood superstar and Conservation HeroBe an extra in our 2017 Devil Ark promotional video with Tim Faulkner, surrounded by our amazing devils and other native wildlife. Get your name in the credits. Please note: You must be able to pay your own way to the Australian Reptile Park at time of filming to claim this reward. Filming dates TBC (from March 2017 onwards)
2 Chosen | 8 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2017
AU$5000 +Release a Tasmanian Devil!You and a friend will be part of the Devil Ark Release crew and have the privilege of releasing one of our devils in November 2017 in semi-wild enclosures in the NSW Barrington Tops and experience these amazing animals, first hand. * Note: You must be able to make your own way to Devil Ark at Barrington Tops at time of the Devil release. Release dates TBC.
1 Chosen | 9 AvailableEst. delivery is November 2017
AU$10000 +Corporate PackageTim Faulkner to visit your organisation and provide a fun and engaging talk with some furry (and not so furry!) friends in tow. Your logo will be proudly displayed on our website and our Newsletter and…..10 of your friends or staff are invited to our Devil Ark Open Day in 2017. *Note If not in Sydney, travel costs for Tim to attend your organisaton to be covered. You and your friends must be able to make your own way to Devil Ark at Barrington Tops for Devil Ark Open Day. Date TBC.
2 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2017
AU$25000 +Exclusive Helipcoter tour and overnight stayYou and 3 friends to fly in a private helicopter from Sydney accompanied by Tim Faulkner for a private, birds-eye tour of Devil Ark and the beautiful surroundings of the Barrington Tops National Park. You will stay at our private Lodge, have a BBQ with the team and see first hand the work we do at Devil Ark.
0 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2017