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Dear Friends, Family, and Fans

I'm a singer/ songwriter, hailing originally from Wollongong, NSW, and have been based in Melbourne, VIC, since 

January 2016, with the hope that I may take my career sincerily, in a space and community that nourishes creativity.

For over a decade, I've kept things pretty simple by quietly recording, producing and releasing music completely independently, from my ad-hoc bedroom studio, and I've performed mostly solo acoustic sets that reflect, as best as I can, the energy 

that I pour into songwriting. I'll admit that I'm proud of myself for filling the roles, and developing a set of skills that 

further my independence as an artist, but I'm shite at promotion beyond social media and close friends/family.

I had the help of two superb humon beings, Adam Smith and James Parish of No Safe Place Records for 

the push of my 2014 EP 'Thrown Into The Sea' and my most patient album 'Leaves, Earth' late last year, which 

both met success among Sydney and the South Coast folk, as well as regular airplay and a few sincere reviews.

 However, my move to Melbourne made it difficult for their support to continue after the album, 

so I went back to my old routine.

In March I put together a collection of tunes and called it 'Loose Tooth', containing 

a bunch of B-Sides from my previous album 'Leaves, Earth' (Oct 2016) and a few fresh 

ones. The songs touch on personal experiences of loss, love, and existential angst, 

with the sole intention of emotional closure. I didn't expect much to come from it

so I organised a non-chalant digital release, a few small solo shows to celebrate it.

Feeling relieved that I'd wiped my slate clean, I hastily followed it a month later, 

departing from my bedroom folk, towards a more energetic sound, reminiscent 

of the pop punk outfits that inspired me to start writing music in the first place. 

I called the EP 'ALARM', and started writing for the next one.


A few singles from both releases, 'Killstreak', 'Crows Feet', and 'No Clip' made it onto Triple J rotation

and managed to catch the attention of potential management, label interest, and booking agents.
I was soon encouraged by a friend to apply for a music festival/ conference in Brisbane, called 'BIGSOUND',

 held over 4 days and nights from the 5th to the 8th of september. If I got in, I could talk it out with a 

few of the interested parties, and showcase my music in front of other industry folk/ other cool acts.


 I quickly pulled together two incredibly gifted musicians, 

Tamara Issa (bass/vox) and Jackson Phelan (guitar/vox), 

and for percussion + extra flavour, I decided to stay true to the EP and use 

my Nintendo DSi running KORG M-01. Tamara named it Bradley Cooper.

I couldn't imagine a better lineup to finally bring the dense harmonies and multiple layers from the recordings to the stage, so I reckon you should know a few things about them:


Jackson Phelan 

Plays a mean guitar, is a kind soul, and the frontman/ songwriter for RAT!Hammock

a solid jangly indie rock group full of catchy bangers. He likes the occassional dart, and is frankly, a tone-god.

Tasmara Issa

 The most happy-go-lucky bassist I know, with an amazing vocal reach/tone and a comedic mind. 

Wore her finger down to the bone learning bass for us. She does stand-up and has asked me to ask you for an extra $1000 on top of your potential pledge, so she can buy an acoustic bass. Pretty funny right. 

Sean Conran

It me, songwriter, drum machine sequencer, guitarist and singer. 

I like teeth, drawing portraits, and I have an irrational fear of memory loss that perpetuates my songwriting.



We're planning to squeeze all our gear into a sedan and drive the distance to Brisbane and back, 

stopping to play a few warm up and cool down shows at some familiar places, 

including Nowra, Wollongong, Thirroul and Sydney.


A road trip like this can burn a hole in the pocket, and ours already look like swiss cheese, 

so we're reaching out to you, asking for donations you can afford to make to ease the financial anxiety of going on tour.

BIGSOUND is unpaid, but it's a huge opportunity to pull me out of my small headspace and into a larger sphere of artists, where myself, Tamara, and Jackson can connect, collaborate, and reach a broader audience. I know so many solid musicians in NSW and VIC that are deserving of this level of exposure, and we're feeling particularly grateful, so we're gonna give it a ret hot go. 

How The Funds Will Be Used

So the plan is to drive to Brisbane and back between the 1st and 12th of September

stopping at Nowra, Wollongong, Thirroul and Sydney for potential tour shows. 

We've got a small amount in the band fund to contribute, and much of our accommodation on the way

will be provided by friends and family, but here are some things we've calculated, that we will really appreciate help with:


3576 km there and back

 ~$600 asking for $400 assistance


 Fortitude Valley, 4 nights Air B&B

(5th - 9th of Sept)

~$500 asking for $300 assistance

Gear Hire

Just renting from friends, giving them something for their generosity,

Bass Amp/ Guitar Amp + batteries/strings etc.



Just in case, I think it'll be wise to carry some spare cash for

breakdowns // first aid // 


The Challenges

A few things could go wrong, I suppose.

Without getting too prophetic, the potential obstacles would be:

  • Car breaking down: needing to either repair or find alternative means of transport to and from BIGSOUND
  • Gear failing: having to fork out for extra gear hire, leads, batteries, Nintendo DSi parts, and travel to pick it up
  • Gig cancellations: this would suck, but hey it happens, might change the route/ location, but we'll organise backup shows
  • Accommodation cancellations: no place to rest our heads? not likely, but we're not familiar with Brisbane, so it would definitely mess things up a bit. 
  • Injury or Sickness: only the worst ailments would stop us from playing a show. can't predict the future though!

All of these things were considered in planning for the trip, and deciding on the amount we're asking for.

We're so thankful that you would even read this far, so if you're feeling generous/have some cashola to spare, 

or know someone who can help, please share this around! 

on 2nd Sep 2017 at 8:00am. The payment portal is closed now.
AU$5 +A Helpful NudgeYou're a gem! $5 is the difference between a micro-sleep and a hot cup'a Joe to keep our senses heightened and our eyelids tightened. While we're on the road, after stalking your social media for a bit, we'll film ourselves making a shout out to you, or anyone you nominate, referring to very specific things from very specific times in your/their publicly accessible life, as if they were our own memories, and upload it to our Obscura Hail instagram. x
3 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is September 2017
AU$10 +Uphill shove!TEN DOLLARS! That's huge. That's like, a pretty decent home cooked meal you've sacrificed. To fill your tummy, you get: - a digital copy of my special edition, Full Band, 'ALARM' EP - a shout out, just like the one in the $5 pledge. xx
2 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is September 2017
AU$20 +Shoulder RideSOLID PLEDGE, M8 We'll meet your sly generosity at high velocity: - a shout out while we're on the road - a copy of my latest album, 'Loose Tooth' (digital download) - a special edition of my 'ALARM EP', including FULL BAND bonus tracks of each song (digital download) xxx
7 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is July 2017
AU$50 +Ultra FanYou're a true saint, and a patron of the people. For being so lovely, you get: - a shout out while we're on the road - the entire Obscura Hail discography - a handwritten, personal thank you, on the finest paper I can afford, and signed with Lana's paw print
6 Chosen | 14 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2017
AU$100 +DIE HARD FAN0_0 - a shout out while we're on the road - the entire Obscura Hail discography - a handwritten, personal thank you, by Lana - Set of teeth molds - Portrait of you within a silver frame - Free pass to the next 3 Obscura Hail shows (with +1) ;)
4 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is July 2017
AU$250 +All GoneYou're InsaneCan't thank you enough, seriously - a shout out while we're on the road - the entire Obscura Hail discography - a handwritten, personal thank you, by Lana - Set of teeth molds - Portrait of you within a silver frame - Free pass to the next 3 Obscura Hail shows (with +1) - A mold of Sean's teeth
1 Chosen | 0 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2017