Don't You Know Who I Am?

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Don't You Know Who I Am? is a podcast where we find out who knows whom, who knows what because, well... who knows why? It is a quiz show/panel show where I get 4 of my favourite people in a room and they battle it out through bluffing, guessing and blatantly lying to see who is victorious.

Hosted by Josh Earl (Spicks and Specks, 3RRRFM Breakfasters) it is now time to take the podcast to the screen as I aim to reach $6000, film a pilot and shop it around to producers and networks to try and get it commisioned to series.

Download it for free from Itunes or at

How The Funds Will Be Used

With the $6000 I will film it at Stupid Old Studio's in Brunswick in Melbourne in front of an audience, edit it, pay the guests, and release it for you to watch on Youtube and hopefully get it seen by someone with some say

Stupid Old Studio's have worked on a number of Comedy projects including Sammy J's Political Playground (ABC) The Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow (SBS) and The Gala (Channel Ten)

The Challenges

While I have 14 years experience as a Stand Up comedian and hosted the TV show Spicks and Specks I am still an independent artist, no manager, no agent, no producer. Which while this is great as I can concentrate on the work I want to do it also means I have no one to help pitch my ideas to people who make things happen. Also due to my low self esteem and public schooling I am terrible at talking myslef up in pitch meetings. So I've figured if I show them the product they can watch it and say "yes, here is a billion dollars, let's make a thousand episodes!" (That's how TV deals are made right)

So please help me achieve this




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