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Hi i am Darren Cross, previously of Gerling- now Jep and Dep and also solo.

I have just self funded and completed my second album but need some crowd funding to help push the project over the line.

I am crowd funding to try and raise money to manufacture copies of my new album on vinyl and cd, and then if i am lucky enough to make any more money it will go into mastering the album for digital and vinyl, publicity on the album AND create some visually tantilizing filmclips and a short documentry on how i wrote the new album!

A still from a new film clip from the new album.

I have been creating music now for nearly 30 years.

I have devoted most of my free time to the craft.

I think my latest album is my greatest body of work i have ever brought into this world.

As i am 100% independent and i write ,record and produce all the music and video at my own home studio - finding the time to pay for all of this is sometimes tricky- hence the Pozible campaign.

My new album is broken up into two distinct sides -  like a vinyl record- i wrote the album with this vinyl listening format in mind.

Side A (PSYCHED) is upbeat crazy pop songs -actually some of the songs started as Gerling demos, some as far back as 2004, when i thought Gerling would eventually get back together :(  

Side B - (VISIONS) Folk music and more softer sounding noises but with heavy lyrics - developing my own acoustic guitar tuning, style and mentality inspired by primative American guitar players like John Fahey and British folkies like Nick Drake and Bert Jansch.

SO yeah an ambitious project- not too mention i have the godfather of D.I.Y home recording R.Stevie Moore doing a spoken word on one of my crazy upbeat songs.

The good news is the album is complete.

Out of creative necessity i had to  quit my day jobs to fully become emersed and focused on my music, i also paid for everything myself.

I recorded, engineered and produced the music all myself. This took about 3 months.

I just need your kind support now with getting the manfacturing of the vinyl/ cd's and publicity and then release the album on my own No Drums Records label.

Getting vinyl manufactured is such a substantial cost but im old fashioned and i need it to be done that way - also putting the album together with the vinyl listening experince really helped me picking the right songs (and not going even more crazier).

First lineup of Gerling- the band myself and Bradley Herdson started in 1994. Photo from 1996.

With your support and kind donations with this campaign i will be able to :

1. Press the album to vinyl

2. Manufacture the compact discs

3. Release the album independently around Australia ( and hopefully some parts of the world)

Then any other money made will help with cost with mastering for vinyl and cd, publicity, touring, filmclips and documentry i endevour to make :)

As you most of you know, I am neurotically 100% independent, self-funded, self-managed, self recorded and self-edited. Some success of this latest album release rests entirely upon the interest you have shown in my work - the support that has enabled me to continue to create and release truly independent spirted music in Australia (and other small pockets of the world). 

Thanks heaps,

(fingers crossed),


Darren Cross Youtube

Darren Cross Facebook

Darren Cross Bernstein Studios

Darren Cross Bandcamp

Darren Cross live in Paris last year 

Darren Cross in Jep and Dep

From 2007 - my first solo video that went viral 250000 hits

Folk Punk Rock - on tour in the Netherlands 2017 © willem van breugel

Budget Overview

Manufacturing the album onto vinyl and shipping from Europe


Manufacturing the album onto Compact disc $1500

Pozible/Credit card fees $500 (approx)

Anything over $5000 will help me with

Mastering album for vinyl and cd/digital +$2000

Advertising $2000

Filmclip / Documentry Camera hire/ editing  $800

Paypal fees 

This doesn't factoring touring fees and instant coffee from Aldi :)

Potential Challenges

Writing and expressing myself through music is never a problem for me.

Recording my music at my own studio with no money is sometime a bit tricky but eventually i make it through (by hook or by crook). Time is the big cost because when I am recording myself there is no money coming in and i need to quit my day jobs and remain focused on the project ( typical struggling artist scenario).

The main focus of this campaign is to get the manufacturing on vinyl and cd's covered.

It is a dream of mine to have all my music on vinyl- its a labour of love and a pain in the butt- even dragging the vinyl around to hopefully sell at shows (most of the time on public transport) is sometimes a challenge but i just love vinyl.

Not making the money in time to manufacture the vinyl for my potential album launch later in the year is a big challenge also.

With your help i can manfacture the best album i have ever made on vinyl and Compact disc and release it independently on my own label.

Thanks heaps,

Daz Cross


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AU$15 +Digital copy of the new albumYou will receive a digitial copy of Darren's new album. Released on Bandcamp exclusively.
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AU$25 +Compact disc + digital download signed.You will receive a signed compact disc and digtial download of Darren's new album
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AU$50 +Vinyl and digital copy of the new album signed.You will receive a special edition signed vinyl and digitial copy of the new album. Plus 2*free tickets to the Album launch show in your state.
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AU$100 +Vinyl & digital of new album & _Xantastic signedVinyl and digital copy of the new album and vinyl and digital copy of Darren's first album _Xantastic (special edition French pressing). Plus 2*free tickets to the Album launch show in your state. Australia only.
8 Chosen | 7 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2018
AU$150 +Compact Disc Bundle RAREYou will receive on compact disc and digital my new Peacer album, _Xantastic, Super rare Darren Cross 'No Damage' 2nd E.P, Jep and Dep's latest album 'THEY'VEBEENCALLED', a super rare Gerling 'Enterspace Capsule' remix single E.P with Avalanches remix and a special handwritten thankyou note from yours truly! Plus 2*free tickets to the Album launch show in your state.
3 Chosen | 9 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2018
AU$250 +Test PressingsVinyl test pressing of my new album. Only three of these are made. The titles of the songs will be hand written on to the vinyl centre hole sticker, the album will be addressed to you personally on the sleeve, signed and very personal!! Free 2*tickets to launch.
1 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2018
AU$250 +Handwritten lyrics, album/digital ltd edn 2nd E.PThe complete lyrics and credits for my new album handwritten (unframed but signed) + Peacer LP + Peacer CD + special edition "No Damage' 2nd E.P signed also. 1 guitar pick. Free 2*tickets to launch.
0 Chosen | 8 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2018
AU$500 +Vinyl lovers / Gerling bundleDigital/ vinyl new album- digital /vinyl copy of _Xantastic ((French pressing) Digital / vinyl copy of Jep and Dep's latest album Gerling - Enterspace Capsule super rare 7inch vinyl Gerling - Enterspace Capsule E.P with Avalanches remix Gerling -Suburban Jungle Sleeping Bag Mount Florida remix Side A and Suburban Jungle Sleeping Bag Original mix / Bachelor Pad Side2 MEGA RARE VINYL 4 * Gerling super rare 'Get Activated Badges Special Gerling gift! Free 2*tickets to launch. AUSTRALIA ONLY!
2 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2018
AU$750 +House concertI will come and play my new album in your loungeroom. For those States outside of Sydney (driving distance) return flights will need to be added to pledge to get Darren to your place. Plus new Darren's album on vinyl/ cd/ digitial - especially signed for you!
0 Chosen | 5 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2018
AU$1500 +I will remix your band! Any styleI will remix your band in any style you please! Gerling house? Indie rock dance floor filler? Madchester slow mo slammer? Whatever! I can do it! We can work out publishing as we go - ie when you synch it on a BMW ad lol
0 Chosen | 5 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2018
AU$3500 +I will make your band a filmclipI will make your band a filmclip. I will fly to most places in Australia for the day with a camera and then edit the filmclip at my studio. Most of my clips get played on Rage/CMC. AUSTRALIA ONLY!
0 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2018