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Camp Out is a five-day camp for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual young people, and an activist organisation, rolled into one. We exist because we want to create space for LGBTQIA young people to talk about their experiences, to share knowledge, and to support each other. 

We exist to support LGBTQIA young people to support each other, create communities, to find their strength and their courage and their fabulousness. Camp Out fundamentally seeks to imagine different kinds of futures (and presents) for LGBTQIA young people and the communities they are building. 

We, the crew of Camp Out, needed a camp like this when we were teenagers, a place to talk openly and honestly about our emerging identities and to be around other LGBTIQ teens, without the fear of being bullied or discriminated against.

We can't time travel, so we are doing the next best thing, making our dream a reality for the younger generation!!

We are so proud to be part of this amazing organisation that we volunteer countless hours over the year to make Camp Out happen.

We believe in, and have already witnessed, the potential of Camp Out to deeply change young LGBTQIA youths' lives for the better! We are doing it for the love!!!

This year will be our 7th camp and we hope that it has the same impact it has had on the teens who have come in previous years – in one word – PHENOMENAL!


Here are some testimonials from previous campers:

"Camp is like home. A place you can feel safe, respected and cared for."

"Camp Out is one of the best experiences I've ever had. There's so many fabulous people I would never have met without camp."

"Camp is a place where you can figure out your headspace. And then decorate it with glitter and feather boas!"

"CAMP OUT changed my life... it made me feel I can be who I am."

"Words cannot describe how amazing it is."


How The Funds Will Be Used

As a non-profit organisation, all donations, grants, and other contributions that Camp Out Inc. receives go towards maintaining accessibility and high quality programming at camp, and keeping our camp fees as low as possible for all campers and their families.

Camp Out is staffed and run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We anticipate that the cost of Camp Out for 2017 will be approximately $25,000.

Funds will help us to pay for:

FOOD - We are super lucky to have an amazing small group of volunteers who are called The POPCORN PALACE. Every year these dedicated volunteers who are The POPCORN PALACE develop an amazing menu of ethically sourced, delicious, organic wholefoods and prepare it with love for 50 campers, 20-25 crew and workshop facilitators over the week of camp!

VENUE HIRE - We are so lucky to have secured a great venue for Camp. Camp Out is held on private grounds 4 hours north of Sydney. The site is surrounded by beautiful bushland and includes cabins, communal hangout areas, hot water showers and gender-neutral toilets. It is a private, safe and beautiful space. There is even some kangaroos around!

TRANSPORT - Bus hire to take all campers and crew from Sydney to our Camp Site 4 hours North and back again. Petrol ! And subsidizing rural and regional campers' travel to attend camp!

INSURANCE - YES it is boring but public liability insurance and bus insurance are one of the integral foundational elements that lets camp happen!

SUPPORTING CAMPERS & MAINTAINING ACCESSIBILITY - Camp Out operates on a sliding scale fee system. No camper is turned away for lack of funds.

Your contributions to this campaign directly contribute to keeping camp accessible!! And that is AMAZING!

The Challenges

We rely soley on community support to mke Camp Out happen each year. We receive no government funds and operate on a DIY ethos of community building.

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