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'Find Your Love' - the new orchestral album from Cam Butler


In making 'Find Your Love', I want to create an album which has a thrilling and exciting ensemble sound. I aim to achieve this through composing for, and recording, a fourteen-piece string orchestra with a live backing band. My unique electric guitar sound will be a major feature of this album helping to create an emotive and personal world.

As a composer and arranger for over twenty years, I have been working with my own vision of sound that combines both strings, guitars and rock'n'roll rhythm sections. 'Find Your Love' is full of sweeping melodies and lush textures, and is my most ambitious work to date. It has a sound unlike anything else.

'Find Your Love' is my small way of bringing some music into the world that is alive, rich and full of feeling. The album will be self-released and available as a digital download only at this stage. Reward options for this campaign include a digital download with cardboard wallet with four colour artwork and booklet. 

The album is slated for release in mid August and it will be launched in Melbourne with a sixteen-piece band at the Richmond Theatrette on Saturday 2nd September.

A radio edited version of the title track is out now, on Bandcamp



Album recorded (including strings, rhythm section, keyboards, guitars etc): late April

Album mixed: late May

Album mastered, artwork completed: late June

Release date: mid August

Orders shipped: early September 

Album launch concert: 2nd September 

How The Funds Will Be Used

'Find Your Love' will be a self-released album, with all costs covered by myself. 

Funds from this campaign will go towards paying the musicians involved in the recording of 'Find Your Love', post-production costs, and mastering. 

Musician fees - string ensemble: $1400 

Mixing: $1100 

Mastering: $500  


Minimum total required: $3000 

Any funds raised above this amount will go towards paying other artist fees on the recordings, album artwork including photography, additional recording costs, and promotional costs. 

The Challenges

At present, Find Your Love will be a self-released album so the only foreseeable challenge will be ensuring adequate funds are raised to enable its completion. 

on 28th Apr 2017 at 10:00am. The payment portal is closed now.
AU$25 +Digital album & artwork downloadAll contributions over $25 get a digital album download and full artwork pdf.
44 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is August 2017
AU$40 +Digital album download & signed bookletAll contributions over $40 get digital album download and signed cardboard wallet and booklet. Includes free postage within Australia or $5 worldwide.
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AU$65 +Album download, back catalogue & launch ticketAll contributions over $65 get the digital album with signed cardboard wallet and booklet, plus one digital copy of a back catalogue of your choice, plus one ticket to the September album launch. (There are only 20 concert tickets available with this reward)
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AU$100 +All GoneThe CB Collection - recordings & launch ticketAll contributions over $100 get the "CB Collection" – ‘Find Your Love’ album artwork and download, ‘Save My Soul’ CD, ‘Self Portrait’ album download - all signed, plus one concert ticket. Free postage to Australia, $5 postage worldwide. (There are only 10 concert tickets available with this reward)
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