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The Audience book is derived from a series of photographs documenting an audience standing around an empty gallery, in which there is no art, watching a performance that doesn't exist. 

By drawing on the visual language of 1970s performance art documentation images, I have constructed a photographic archive of an audience witnessing a number of performance events in art galleries around Melbourne. The series is a portrait of the audience and gallery spaces in and around Melbourne. And in 20 years time it will be important. Really important. 

The series of photographs will be shown in March 2017 at the NGV as a part of the Photography Festival, (along side Brook Andrew, Zoe Croggon, Patrick Pound and other notable artists). 

To coincide with the exhibition I have produced a much anticipated (ahem) book. 

There have been over 850 people who have participated as audience members and the photographs have taken place in 95  gallery spaces.

How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds raised from this campaign will go towards the printing, binding and transportation of the "Audience" books.

The Challenges

Some initial funding was provided by the City of Melbourne, however the scope of the project has grown considerably since 2013. The more spaces I shot, the more galleries became involved in the project.  It turns out that there are over 90 gallery spaces in and around Melbourne. As a result I have photographed over 850 people and made 446 analogue prints (please don't tell me there is another gallery opening up).

The project has subsequently grown and the publication now has extended to two volumes. Of course this blows out the initial budget; hence this Pozible campaign.

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AU$80 +All GoneThe BookWhat Ross! I don't understand. The Audience series book, but for $80? Well yes friend, I did a little survey on Facebook and survey said that most people would pay between $100 and $200 for the two volume set. There were a couple of people who suggested $50 or $80, so I thought that the early birds could get in and try to snap up an ultra bargain.
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AU$120 +The BookThe "Audience" series book. It is about the book and here it is. Well, here it will be. AND it is a two volume book, so there you go. TWO BOOKS FOR THE ONE PRICE! (forget the steak knives, I'll throw in a postcard).
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AU$200 +All GoneThe Book, but a bit more specialWhat's this? It's the Book, (yes, two volumes), but a little bit special. You get a print inside the book. A digital print, limited edition of 25. The print is signed and numbered and carefully stuck with archival photo-corners into Volume II of the "Audience" series book. Do you want to see the picture?
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AU$250 +"Audience" series posterI am very fortunate to be making a limited edition poster with Trent Walter from Negative Press. There are 5 designs and we are doing a run of 20 prints and 10 of these will be available to purchase during this campaign. Here is one example and below are the other examples of the limited edition poster.
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AU$250 +Audience Poster #IIHere is another of the limited edition posters:
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