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'Even A River Can Drown' is the long awaited debut musical release from Melbourne musician, Beth Knights.

Something alchemical happened to Beth when she bought a 120-year-old parlour guitar. It was around the time she began to see the light at the end of a long dark tunnel and together they began a journey. That journey is Beth’s forthcoming EP entitled ‘Even A River Can Drown’. ‘Water to Wine’ is the first single from the album due for release in January 2011. Produced by Ben Last, it is a journey of both facing and rising above the bleak: a pilgrimage transmuting lead into gold.

Armed with her parlour, an electric guitar, some pedals and a vocal loop station in solo mode and drums, slide guitar, piano and and on occasion even the ocarina, Beth's shows are melodic, meandering and magical. With beautifully observed lyrics, haunting melodies and sparse ghostly guitar, Beth’s music weaves a spell upon her listeners. Drawing from her well of both sadness and strength, her collection of Country Folk songs will fill you perhaps not with cheer, but with deep contentedness.

Currently 5 songs are nearing completion although the project is aiming for between 6 and 8 tracks. With a couple of festival gigs over summer (her first!!) Beth is seeking help to fund the remainder of the project including mixing, mastering, printing and pressing and perhaps a little web site all of her own! All of this will ensure her of having a quality product available at these gigs and with which to propel her music further into the world. (And of course to please her exisiting and very patient body of supporters..)

As musical influences she cites "Music with Heart. Story telling traditions from forever. Sufjan Stevens; Laura Marling; Laura Veirs; M. Craft; Fleetfoxes; Bon Iver; Gillian Welch; Laura Jean; Grand Salvo; Bon Iver... the list is endless."

Support Independent music and be rewarded for helping Beth's music take flight!

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