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Searching for Onoda is a documentary film about a man who continued to fight a war for thirty years after it had ended , a man who fought for a country that had forgotten him, and who dreamt of a family who all thought he was dead.

Hiroo Onoda was twenty-two years old when he was posted to the small island of Lubang, south-west of Manila, Philippines. It was 1943, and the Second World War was nearing an end. After the Americans arrived on Lubang and Japanese soldiers had suicided or surrendered, Onoda continued to lead four men, conducting guerrilla warfare and eluding authorities; Onoda's orders were to never surrender, he kept his orders until March 1974. Onoda was fifty-two years old when he surrendered.

In this film, we journey back into the jungles of Lubang, trekking the hills and caves, to where Onoda had survived for almost three decades. Venturing onto the farms and homes of the islanders, they revisit their encounters with the Japanese officers they called The Devils of the Mountains, and through interviews with the islanders who lost brothers, fathers,uncles and cousins at the hands of Onoda and his men, this film looks at the individual lives affected by war and the continuing hardships faced by the islanders of Lubang.

Journeying between past and present, we move from the jungles of Lubang to Onoda’shometown, to where Onoda spent his youth and to the home he now resides as an elderly man.

Through a collection of interviews with family members, islanders and local authorities we will recreate a time when there was no such thing as surrender, and innocence was lost on the small island of Lubang.
Lubang Island is where my mother grew up, it's where many of my family members still live and where Onoda spent three decades of his life.
I have a personal connection to the island that sustained Onoda, and also to the people who's lives were affected during his hideout.
As I near my 30th year on this planet, I am overwhelmed to think that the years I have spent enjoying life - is the same amount of time Onoda spent his in hiding, in fear, in delusion, sleeping amongst leaves with his gun by his side. Dreaming of home.
In 2008 I purchased my own camera and paid my own way overseas to do interviews in the Philippines with family members. Some of that footage will make the final documentary, but I need to get more in depth interviews with islanders, local authorities involved in the search and hopefully even speak with Onoda himself.
We will also need to shoot re-enactments as there will be dramatised scenes needed to take us back to late 1940's through to early 1970's.
Funding will help us get the extra footage we need to tell this story, and conduct interviews in the Philippines and Japan.

Most importantly, funding will also give back to the island of Lubang by providing families and children with items such as food hampers over the Christmas period, personal care items and medicines.

Some Of My Previous Work

You can see my credits on IMDB however there are none for the role of documentary director or producer.

This is my first film outside of highshool, University or post-graduate school.
I have made silly short films about tigers and old men, docos about poo farms and housing affordability.
Nothing like a story that spans 60 years across jungles and seas.

This is a massive leap for me but I know I have the support of my filmmaking community of friends and colleagues who can help steer me the right way, give me tips on guerilla filming and even lend me their ears.

I also co-Produce Saturday Breakfasts on 2SER

The Challenges

This film is going to be made regardless of whether we can achieve the pozible funding goal, the road there will just be longer and a little steeper.

I have already purchased airfares overseas to the Philippines and Japan, so regardless of funding goals I am determined to go over and do the interviews with islanders and Onoda.

The funding will enable me to hire better equipment (otherwise I will be using my old Canon XM1) and do more interviews around various places in the Philippines. It will also mean I can pay for translators and reimburse those who give me their time as tour guides or hosts.

Importantly, the funding will also mean I can give back to the island of Lubang.

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