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Updated Pozible - Farmers on Film from Mick Russell @mickrussell_ on Vimeo.

So the aim is to share with you the amazing and awesome stories from farmers across Australia... Especially the young! (and young at heart!)

The older farmers with stories of the past and the even bigger stories of the young doing it different in a tough environment...

Do you actually know what it takes to bring the food to your table?
Do you actually know what it takes to make the cotton in your t-shirt?

The farmers will shoot the video and we will do the 'ART' to edit it into a series of stories. We are aiming for over 40 short stories over the next 12 months....

There will be a totally separate website where the videos will be accessed. Each film once shot will be approved by a series of farmers to make sure facts are right and we give an acurate story of what is happening on the land in Australia!

So far the Farmers that have put their hand up to be featured:

1. Redbelly Oranges - Griffith
2. Gemma Lee-Steere - Western Australia - Rural Farmer
3. Connie Northery - Myrrhee Boer Goats
4. Terry O'Leary - Queensland - Melons
5. Spring Bay Mussels - Tasmania - Nominated by @cqfoods
6. Coral Coast Mariculture - QLD - Nominated by @cqfoods
7. Flinders Island Meats - Flinders Island -
8. Robbins Island - Robbins Island - Nominated by @Fimeat
9. Kelsey Morgan - Upper Hunter Valley
10. Beth McMillian - Mid North Coast
11. Megan - - Gloucester NSW

Email me at to let me add you to the list of farmers wanting to tell their story....

Here is a video I did last weekend with a great story... Do you want to see more of these great stories?

This is just one story in a region that is going through a bit of a tough time. Thou there are some other amazing farmers out there doing very innovative things to get the food on our table...

Could we of helped Bill earlier if we knew of his story?? Put pressure on the community to think 'local'?

Some Of My Previous Work

The Challenges

There is always going to be risks involved when putting cameras in the hands of farmers. That is why we are going to get all the cases and protective equipment we can to make sure these camera survive the time on farms over the next 12 mths.
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A$5 +SHOW YOUR LOVE! You would just love support and see this web series happen. Your name will be entered in to lights on the website for all to see and appreciate.
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A$40 +YOU WANT STREET CRED IN THE BUSH?? You get access to all films plus extra longer videos along the way. Thou the BIGGEST thing is an awesome t-shirt which will be produced with a series of slogans that will give you heaps of street cred at farmers markets and in the bush right around the world! T-shirt will be designed and printed in Australia with sustainable sourced t-shirts. Selection of slogans will be available Pick up T-shirts or $5 for postage to Australia/UK
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A$75 +EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - For your support your name will be upfront in lights. You will officially be the supporter of one of the films. Get street cred with a selected T-Shirt as part of this reward. You will also be able to say you have directly supported a farmer of Australia or UK - Your selected farmer will do a personal thank you message
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A$600 +SPONSOR ONE OF THE CAMERA 'PACKAGES' Small business sponsor package. As a small business you would love to give back to the industry and be a sponsor of one of the 'packages' This camera equipment will be in a box and sent around the country for the next 12 mths. This is your way of showing you love and care for your farmers. We will also produce a small video for your company to use on your website showing your support for this awesome project
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A$1000 +KEY SPONSOR PACKAGE. Your business name up in Lights!!! You are a supplier to the farming industry in some way and want to give back. Better then some magazine advert for sure. For your sponsorship you will have your logo and company message of support will be shown in all the films that are going to be produced. We are hoping for a 1,000,000 views by the end of the project. Pretty cheap way to get your message of support out there. Email for more info
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