Ned Kelly: Graphic Novel by Monty Wedd.

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Hullo! My name is Nat Karmichael, and I am passionate about Australian Comics - Comic Books and Comic Strips!
With my very first Pozible Crowd Funding Campaign, I was unsure how to present my Project for your perusal...should I talk about it formally (and risk appearing stuffy and remote)?? ... or should I be laid back (and have you think I don't care if you support this venture or not)?? In the end, I have decided just to be myself: PASSIONATE!!
I first met Australian Artist Monty Wedd (and his wonderful wife Dorothy) in 1988 at the Annual Award Night for the Australian Black & White Artists' Club. We got talking about many things, including one day having some of his works collected in books. Well, as it always happens, Life gets in the way of Projects and many years passed....

(From 1988 to 1990 I published a series of six comic books - "John Dixon's Air Hawk Magazine" - which went on sale in newsagents around Australia, and in Direct Sales Outlets in the US, Canada and the UK. In 1992, I published "The Wally Lewis Story": an unauthorised biography of Rugby League legend Wally Lewis. And a couple of years ago in 2011 - after a fairly long break from the local comics 'industry' - I published a 200 page paperback book celebrating the life of one of Australia's greatest adventure strip artists simply called "John Dixon, Air Hawk and the Flying Doctor".)

I decided to re-visit the idea of publishing other Australian artists' works soon after publishing the John Dixon book, and approached Monty about the idea of re-printing his early 1970s newspaper adventure serial, NED KELLY. For those not familiar with the work, here's just a taste of it:

NED KELLY ran for an astonishing 146 consecutive weeks in Sydney's DAILY MIRROR (and other Australian newspapers) from September 22nd 1974 to July 10th 1977. The series faithfully detailed Ned Kelly life (and death) and has NEVER been reprinted in full in the one volume. That is the aim of this Project.

Sadly, Monty passed away (in 2012) shortly after our discussions began. However, with the full blessing and kind permission of the Wedd Family, they have agreed to allow me to continue to work on the project. This Pozible Funding Raising is designed to raise the funds for the Hardback First Edition printing of the book.
The book's size is planned to be about 36 cm in width and 25 cm in depth (so it is going to be a large book!), with high quality paper stock. It is going to be produced to last for generations, just as the legend of Ned Kelly has endured and just as Monty Wedd's craft deserves to be preserved. The first printing of the hardcover version - and it is hoped that the book will be reprinted in a paperback version later - is planned to be limited to 1000 copies.

Here is what the proposed cover will look like. It was based on a drawing that appears in the book by Monty Wedd, and the design of the book cover is by talented Adelaide artist Michal Dutkiewicz. Michal is presently working on the back cover design of the book and an Introduction to the book has already been written by Roger Fletcher (Creator of the TORKAN and STARIA comic strips).
The Wedd Family has kindly allowed a limited number of some of Monty's original artworks to be reproduced and available Exclusively to backers of this Pozible Fund Raiser. They will be Numbered and Limited to 100 copies, with a Certificate of Authenticity. Here is an example of some of these works...

Being printed simultaneously with the NED KELLY book, will be two other Australian comic-related books, published by Comicoz (my Business Name). Although they are linked in with this Pozible Fund Raiser, NONE of the printing and publishing costs for these books will be directed from this Pozible Fund Raiser. This Pozible Project is simply to raise the Printing Costs for the Hardback version of Monty Wedd's NED KELLY. These other books are being published by me because I believe in Australian comics and I believe in them. Here's a little about them:

This is the proposed Second Volume of AIR HAWK that I have published this century! It features three complete 1970s adventures of this famous Australian adventure strip by John Dixon (with the full permission of and under exclusive licence from the Copyright holder John Dixon). The book is planned to be over 140 pages in length and about 21 cm in width x 28 cm depth, with a case laminate cover. This is the first time I have shown the wonderful colour for the cover, illustrated especially for this volume by Michal Dutkiewicz.

ROB FELDMAN is a 'new' Sydney cartoonist, and an amazing talent. I have given him unprecedented liberties to write and illustrate his own comic book, with absolutely NO EDITORIAL INTERFERENCE and he is madly working on what - I believe - will be an Australian Graphic Masterpiece! I say this without having seen the book, without reading a page: but I have seen some of Rob's other works, and am willing to support this project 100%. Rob has kindly supplied some PDF files as Rewards for the NED KELLY fund-raising project, and it is a wonderful Introduction to his world.

The Rob Feldman book (yet untitled) will be about 17 cm in width x 25 cm depth and will be a Hardback Edition of unknown pages. Rob owns the Copyright to his work, and I do not have a cover to show you just yet, so all I can do is offer the above and below illustrations to give you an indication of his style. Think Leo Baxendale, think Monty Python, think, er, ... ROB FELDMAN!!

If you are interested in learning more about my life in comics, please feel free to read my Web-Come-Blog which is accessible on the internet at

Here's the late mail (and, remember, you read it here before the Web-Blog!): Rob has decided on his book's title and drawn the cover. Here is a rough copy:

Pledges made from this time on, will be receiving their 4 page Introduction to Rob Feldman via email....

Here's some more late, late mail! A Third Party has expressed an interest in transforming the NED KELLY book so it can also be read electronically. Monty Wedd's family have given in-principal approval to this happening, so if extra funds are received for this Project - seeing as the Target has been reached as I write this - it will be directed into exploring this additional option!
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A$1 +A 4 page PDF Introduction to Rob Feldman to EVERYONE who spreads the word about the Ned Kelly Pozible Fundraiser! email! Facebook! Let's get this message out there!
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A$5 +The above and another DIFFERENT 8 page PDF Introduction to Rob Feldman, this Reward will make you feel smug all week! And leave you laughing all month (at least)!
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A$10 +ALL the above, and a Personalised Letter of Thanks from Nat Karmichael for your precious contribution designed to give you a warm fuzzy glow right down to your toenails...
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A$35 +ALL of the above as well as a personally signed and personalised copy of one of the three books mentioned to the left! Your choice! Nominate which book! A great gift idea or be greedy and keep the book yourself...!
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A$95 +A personally signed and personalised copy of ALL THREE books mentioned to the left! Publisher Nat Karmichael will sign all books, Rob Feldman will sign his book. Collectively these books will retail greater than $95, so this is a bargain basement price you will tell your Great-Grandchildren about! PLUS the Rob Feldman PDF files AND a letter of Thanks from Nat!!
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A$100 +A Letter of Thanks! The Rob Feldman PDF files! All three books mentioned to the left personalised and signed by Publisher Nat Karmichael (with Rob Feldman signing his book), AND a signed copy of a PowerPoint Presentation to the Australian Cartoonists' Association (a Comprehensive history on Air Hawk Artist John Dixon)...Whew!
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A$120 +ALL the above AND a Special Numbered Limited Edition (to 200 copies) of the Ned Kelly book, signed by a member of the late Monty Wedd's Family. An early Christmas gift that will be treasured for generations!
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A$125 +EVERYTHING mentioned in the $120 Reward PLUS a special Monty Wedd card (one) of our choosing reproduced especially for this Pozible Project...this card will be numbered and is strictly limited to ONLY 100 COPIES
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A$130 +ONCE again, EVERYTHING mentioned in the $125 Reward, but not one, not two but FOUR exact copies of Monty Wedd's original artwork, Certified and Numbered and Limited to 100 copies. All on good quality 100gsm card stock...
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A$180 +So, let's go through it again: ALL three books signed by Nat (and the Rob Feldman book by Rob, the Limited Edition Ned Kelly book by one of Monty's family); PDFs of Rob's works; Letter of Thanks; The ACA Presentation on Air Hawk; AND for this Reward... The complete sheet of Monty's artwork, an EXACT replica of the Original, Certified and Numbered PLUS your name added to the Acknowledgement Page in the First Edition of the Ned Kelly book! Instant Fame!
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A$250 +EVERYTHING mentioned in the $180 Reward PLUS having your name added to the Acknowledgement Page in ALL THREE BOOKS mentioned on the left. This is the Reward for those who wish to be Immortalised in Australian Comic History!
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A$300 +For Retail Outlets or Schools! 12 copies of the NED KELLY book (Recommended Retail Price will be $49.95) PLUS Nat Karmichael willing to speak about the Artist Monty Wedd and/or Australian Comics for two hours at your School or Outlet. Cost to travel to your School or Outlet will be borne by Nat!
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A$750 +All GoneEVERYTHING mentioned in the $250 Reward, this is for those that want to OWN part of that Australian Comic Book History. Firstly, your name will be added to the Acknowledgement Page of EVERY FUTURE EDITION of the NED KELLY book PLUS an ORIGINAL late 1940s BLUEY AND CURLY comic strip by Alex Gurney from my personal collection, to show - if it is needed - how PASSIONATE I am to seeing this NED KELLY into print....
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A$2000 +All GoneEVERYTHING mentioned in the $750 Reward (with a different BLUEY AND CURLY strip) AND.... Personally hand-delivered to your door by Nat Karmichael (no matter where you live in the world!): a FRAMED three-tier AIR HAWK daily ORIGINAL by John Dixon (from the early 1970s).
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