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Duncan, Tim, Mairi, Tara & Maya are five amazingly talented Tasmanian Designers who want to take their products to the world. We would love your support to help get them there.

Design:Made:Trade is a four day trade expo happening at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in July this year. It is in its sixth year, and includes some of Australia's leading furniture, textile, graphic and industrial design brands.

Our five designers would love your help to realise the opportunity to showcase their beautiful and unique products to national and international buyers, manufacturers, retailers, and media. Design:Made:Trade is a highly selective event with exhibitors from all over Australia. 

Tasmania By Hand was invited by the curator of Design:MadeTrade to take part in this prestigious event. Tasmania By Hand is a start-up business that aims to bring a fresh and stylish selection of talented Tasmanian designers and makers to the rest of Australia and further afield, and will be representing the five designers at this event. 

More about our designers

Duncan Meerding - Log Lamp, Spiral Lampshade & Leaf Table
Duncan creates pieces for everyday living to remind us of natural beauty. His work features curving lines and surfaces, inspired by organic forms found in nature. A particular interest of his is how light performs around objects. Being legally blind, this vision of light emanating from the peripheries and the highly tactile nature of his work reflects the alternative sensory world within which he designs. Not wanting to ironically destroy the environment from where he gets his inspiration from, he aims to use sustainably sourced timber for his furniture and objects.

"My work should not merely be seen as something that looks nice, it should remind us of our intrinsic connection with nature and the effect we have upon it."


Tim Whiteley - Milking stools: Big Moo, Little Moo & the Udder


Tim is an established  artist and sculptor who works from his studio in northern Tasmania. In Tim’s latest design he has re-interpreted the classic Milking Stool, achieving a product that simultaneously has soft organic curves with clean, crisp lines and beautiful lustre.

The stools are versatile and can be used as stools or small tables. They include the ‘Big Moo’ size for adults and the ‘Little Moo’ for children as well as the ‘Udder’ stool which is a more playful design inspired by the udder of cows. The beautifully handmade and hand finished stools sit stylishly in any contemporary space. They are also available to order in Tasmanian timbers.

 I carefully select local timbers for each of my stools, predominantly sourcing trees planted by the first European settlers to Tasmania. These mature paddock trees that are nearing the end of their lives and are being removed because their falling limbs pose a threat to buildings and livestock. It’s important to me to use as sustainable a timber as possible.


Mairi Ward– Surface Prints


Mairi is an artist based in Launceston, Tasmania. She works in a variety of media including painting, print, paper construction and ceramics. Painting is the core of her practice. In 2009 Mairi began to incorporate design into her practice, creating digital surface designs using imagery taken directly from her paintings. These designs have been printed onto a range of surfaces including fabric, paper and ceramic decals.

For Design:Made:Trade Mairi will present a selection of her surface designs. She is really keen to find others to work or collaborate with using her surface designs: fashion labels, fabric manufacturers, wallpaper companies and interior designers.

Photos by Jonathan Wherrett, Room 1 created by Georgina Freeman, Room 2 created by Elvio Brianese and Peta Heffernan.


Tara Badcock– Bespoke textiles

Tara is an artist who works with textiles and hand embroidery techniques. Themes of beauty and utility, cultural identity, social and collective memory, and personal experience form the basis for Tara’s unique pieces.

Tasmanian Colonial history and 18th & 19th Century European travel and exploration are also a major inspiration for Tara's works, which range from artworks, to homewares: cushions, elaborate curtains and wall panels, fashion, accessories and her ongoing TEACOSY* REVOLUTION project.


Maya McDonell - Origami


Maya McDonell's love of paper started from a very young age. She was taught the art of folding origami from her Japanese mother before she had started school, and hasn't stopped playing with paper since. Maya works under the name Hideyo in honour of her mother who still remains a creative and inspiring influence.

For the past 5 years Maya's distinctive origami pieces and more sculptural forms have found new homes all over Australia. These are handmade in her studio on the northern edge of Tasmania's World Heritage Area. Many of Maya's objects are folded from the pages of old damaged and discarded books, sourced from places such as nearby tip shops. Others are made from her very own fresh, vibrant paper, printed locally in Tasmania with vegetable-based inks and using 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Maya works with local artists and designers for the colours and designs of each limited print run. 


The money side of things

The designers involved have already invested heavily in design, development and production. The additional costs they all face to attend the Melbourne event include flights, expensive freight, accommodation and costly marketing. The designers will be responsible for these extra costs.

We are seeking $3000 to go toward the stall fee. Since we really want to reach our target, we have been conservative and only set our target to $3000 although our total costs will be in excess of $5000.

If we are lucky enough to exceed our target and reach our secondary goal of the extra $2000, we will spend it on marketing; specifically the design and printing of professional booklets for distribution at the event. These will help present each designer in a professional and impelling way. Tasmania By Hand are not taking any commissions on sales or orders given to the designers at this event.

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