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My name is Matthias and I'm a young Melbourne based musician who works within the fields of contemporary classical and experimental music.

I was recently invited to present my debut solo project, Chrysalis, at the prestigious SPOR Festival in Århus, Denmark. Chrysalis is a hybrid work in which I worked with BURO architects to create a new percussive instrument that is also an architectural micro space. One person at a time is enclosed inside in complete darkness, while I perform on the exterior walls using unconventional percussive techniques, rice and sand, exploring themes of pre-natal experience and live burial. The work was premiered at Next Wave Festival 2012.

I was relying on an Australia Council grant to cover my flights and accommodation for the project, but was notified 3 days ago that this wasn't successful. This means that 2 weeks before I head to Denmark, I have no avenues left for funding. I am now in a position where I can't afford to pay for the flights and accommodation for the trip.

The SPOR festival appearance will be my international solo debut, and was such an amazing opportunity that I had to take this risk. This festival is a hub for leading new music and sound artists from around the world including heavyweights like Georges Aperghis, Beat Furrer, Mauricio Kagel, Christian Marclay, erikM and Rebecca Saunders.

The Chrysalis structure has been packed and sent to Denmark... I just need to get there!

SPOR has covered half the freight of the structure, and I've paid the other half. I now just need to cover the flight and basic accommodation during my stay, which comes to a total of $3000.

Any help would contribute to making this wonderful opportunity possible.

Many thanks!

If you'd like more info on me and what I do:

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