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Come and view life through Ethan’s eyes in ‘Kaleidoscope’ a joyous, poetic circus experience that explores beauty found in the smallest things.

Flipside Circus student, Ethan Langridge, was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age four. Because of this syndrome Ethan perceives the world differently. He understands the world through touch; senses his surroundings with the pads of his fingers or the tips of his toes and he, unwittingly, invited his mother to view his world with him.

Johanna Wharton, Ethan’s mother, described stepping into Ethan’s world as ‘the joy of walking through shafts of colour and light; a dazzling kaleidoscope’. She wrote a book about her experiences with Ethan that inspired the creation of ‘Kaleidoscope’ the show, a work that allows Ethan to express himself, through a physical form he loves, circus. The show journeys through the ups and downs of everyday life and celebrates the unique spirit of Ethan.

Sometimes the heart breaks and cracks open because so much love is bursting through’-Ethan

Kaleidoscope is co-produced by Flipside Circus and Company 2
and co-created and directed by Chelsea McGuffin with the ensemble of Company 2, Ethan Landgride and Johanna Wharthon.

Be part of the process

Join us at the Flipside Circus Training Centre in Alderley, QLD on the 25th of March for a meet and greet session with the wonderful Kaleidoscope artists. Be a part of the Kaleidoscope journey, experience the rehearsal and creative process of the show before it's premier in April at the Judith Wright Centre and ask all of the artists any questions you have about circus, arts and the show itself.

The Cast

Director Chelsea McGuffin
Trained at the Centre for Performing Arts Australia in dance before moving into circus and working with companies including Circus Monoxide, Tony’s Imaginary Circus, Queensland Theatre Company and from 2000-2008 with CIRCA Contemporary Circus. In 2008 Chelsea co-founded Company 2 with David Carberry and since has been dedicated to creating her own work. She creates work which explores her dance back ground and brings circus into this world. She has directed award winning work which has been seen on international stages and festivals around the world. She was a passion for working with young people and is excited to make a work in collaboration with Flipside Circus. Music Design and composer

Physical performer, musician, director, creator and co-founder of Company 2, David began learning music at an early age. He studied under Alan Fowler and Janet Turovich and began composing at thirteen. In 1997 he composed and played live for the Flying Fruit Fly Circus show ‘Outburst’. He graduated in 2001 with a Certificate 4 in Music Production and has since composed and produced music for Circa, toured nationally and internationally with ‘Cantina’ as a composer and multi-instrumentalist and produced the full score for Casus production, ‘Finding the Science’.

An ordinary mum with an extraordinary challenge, my son’s life with Asperger’s Syndrome takes form like a kaleidoscope of constantly changing patterns. Approaching his unique life with an intimate view of beautiful chaos, I documented quirky stories and inspiring insights hoping that one day, people could discover new understanding and a vitality for themselves.

At eleven years of age Ethan’s world is a place of wonder, where everything is up for question. Born with Aspergers Syndrome and a hearing impairment Ethan travels through layers of complex dynamics – the near enlightened senses and raw emotions, interwoven like delicate fuses – there within is a person seeking to be satisfied and whole. Possessing eccentric qualities Ethan’s life is one of untameable beauty.
Ensemble Artists

Started circus at the age of 8 at The Flying Fruit Fly Circus School. Kate graduated after ten years of training and touring. In 2014 she was a member of Flipism which received funding from the Australia Council to work with some of Australia’s leading circus trainers and directors. Most recently she worked with Circa Contemporary Circus in collaboration with Katie Noonan on Love Song Circus and in January 2015 joined the Company 2 ensemble.

Born in 1991, growing up amongst the beautiful beaches of Victoria, Australia. From four-years of age, Skip learnt to climb trees and soon after started walking on his hands. He started circus in 2008 and graduated from the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2012 and went on to create and perform in C!RCA’s Beyond from 2013-2015. He joined the Company 2 Scotch & Soda Ensemble in London 2015 and has now become part of the team.

Teshia is a graduating student from Flipside Circus. She has been in the circus for only 4 years and have a natural talent of the stage. A unique character on and off the stage with skills on the ground and in the air.

Oliver is a young 11 year old Flipside Circus student. He has passion and dedication to create work which is funny and engaging. Always pushing to gain new skills and knowledge and takes the time to teach and let other students in.

How The Funds Will Be Used

All funding will go directly towards the development of this performance. Artist fees, costume design and making, set design, music composition, lighting design and production. This is a great chance for you to help a project grow from the ground up. You will be bringing young peoples stories to life through circus, theatre and live performance.  Your financial contribution will come to life through the bodies and voices of the artist on stage.

The Challenges

Youth Arts is in danger of becoming forgotten about. Government funding cuts are creating challenges for all art forms but youth arts seem to have taken a big hit. Projects for young people need support and need funds to help them reach full potential. Stories like Ethan's are rich and full of hope and need to be shared. All of us can relate to some part of Ethan's story and it is important to offer the younger generations the opportunity and voice to speak out and express through their choice of art form.  Ethan's life is already full of challenges and obstacles just trying to fit in each day. Let’s take this opportunity to turn his challenges into some enlightenment for us all.
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A$200 +Colour the skyThank for your support! You've won a double pass to see Kaleidoscope creative process at Flipside Circus Training Centre on Fri 25th of March at 6.00pm, a beautiful signed photo from Johanna Wharton’s, a personal meet and greet with the artists, and a double pass to the Season at The Judith Wright Center. You will be our special guests with special treatment for this performance. Experience the ups and downs of Johanna and her son Ethan’s life with this heart-warming, funny and poetic tail.
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