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Middle Island Maremma Project has operated as a community partnership between Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare, Warrnambool City Council, Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village and Deakin University.

Middle Island is located just off the Warrnambool Breakwater. Middle Island went from an approx penguin breeding population of 800 penguins in 1999, to less than 10 identified birds in the 2005 breeding season. This decline was primarily through fox attacks - the largest attack resulted in 380 birds (penguins and Shearwaters).

Something had to change - and it did!!

In 2006 maremma dogs were trialled to protect the penguins by living on the island through the summer breeding season. Since this time, after a lot of hard work by all the partners, no penguins have been lost to fox encroachment since.

The population is now estimated to be 150 Little penguin. Take a look at this clip that details the history of the project.

What its all about



Middle岛位于瓦南布尔防波堤。1999年Middle岛大约有800种不同的企鹅种类,到了2005只有不到10种的鸟类。这种下降主要是通过狐狸攻击 - 最大攻击造成380鸟类的遗失(企鹅和海鸥)。







如果我们筹集的钱超过25000澳元,我们将训练更多的伙伴去保护我们的小企鹅,为它们置办住处同时我们会提供资金去帮助warrnambool Coastcare土地保护协调监测企鹅的繁殖和志愿者们。




这个项目是由Middle岛Maremma项目的成员构成,由Warrnambool Coastcare土地保护基金会,瓦南布尔市议会,迪肯大学和flagstaff Hill Maritime小组的成员组成。





Warrnambol海岸项目基金会是企鹅的显示器 - 这包括企鹅数量和养殖监控。The engage Glenelg Nature Trust去协调志愿者数量,并写出结果。任何额外的资金,我们都会用于这项活动还将协助支持这项工作。


How The Funds Will Be Used

Our current dogs ( Eudy and Tula ) are now 8 years old and its time to start planning their retirement. This funding campaign will allow us to purchase two maremma pups and then train them over two summer breeding seasons. 

Eudy and Tula will become ambassador dogs to the project.

If we raise more than $25,000 we can further train the dogs, create new housing for them both on and off island and also provide funding for Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare to coordinate the volunteers that monitor penguin breeding and evening arrivals.

Please Note - Maremma dogs are difficult to train and are working dogs. Like any purchase of a dog you must research the breed and only purchase if your lifestyle suits the breeds traits.

The Challenges

We have a Middle Island Maremma Dog Plan that outlines the challenges, risks as well as the prior learnings we have gained in training maremma penguin guardians. We also use the Guardian Dog Best Practice Guide (that we contributed to developing) to oversee our training plans.

The project has an oversight working group that includes Deakin University staff and students. Look at our website for a range of fact sheets that we have developed.

Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Group are the penguin monitors - this includes penguin counts and breeding monitoring. The engage Glenelg Nature Trust to coordinate volunteer counts and report the results. Any additional funds we can get from this campaign will also assist in supporting this work.

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A$15 +Maremma Guardian ThanksEudy and Tula (current Middle Island Maremma Guardians) will send you a certificate of thanks for keeping the program going to save their penguins.
110 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2015
A$75 +Coin of ThanksYou will be sent a commemorative Middle Island Maremma coin to show your support to keeping the maremma guardian dogs on the island protecting our Little Penguin colony.
39 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2015
A$150 +Plush Toy Is YoursPlush Toy Is Yours You can receive one of these beautiful plush toy that is based on our Middle Island Maremma Penguin Guardians. The puppy toy will be a memory for you to keep knowing that your pledge has helped keep the maremmas protecting our Little Penguin colony.
24 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2015
A$500 +Meet the Maremma - IslandYou have the chance to meet our current maremmas on a personally escorted tour to Middle Island or a visit at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village (their off island home). Great way to support the program and get to meet the real stars.
4 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is December 2015