Underneath, We Are... Women

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UNDERNEATH, WE ARE... young, fat, tall, WE ARE trans, skinny, disabled, WE ARE mothers, WE ARE short, scarred and old. We are the many labels that society has created for us.
But what if I told you that underneath, underneath it all, I AM... determined, tenacious, strong, capable, loud, resilient... would you see me differently?
So sure, give us a label, put us in a category, but underneath it all, WE ARE women.

Underneath I AM... Determined

The aim is to photograph 100 women. Women of all walks of life, shapes, sizes and age. AND, photograph them in nothing but their underwear. Yep, thats right, I'll be asking 100 women to bare (almost) all, with the end goal of showcasing the amazing diversity that is the female form!

The AIM; Photograph 100 women. The GOAL; educate thousands!

Think of it like this, When I photograph just 10 women...
...What if these 10 women passed on their new found knowledge of empowerment over body awareness and acceptance to another 10 women? That would be 100 women that have now been informed of our goals to educate and stop body shaming. And what if each of those women all told just 2 more people? The net widens...
So if each time we photograph just 10 women, we're actually educating hundreds.
Again, the goal is to photograph 100 women. But educate 1000's.

EDUCATION is key to giving women AND men a better understanding and appreciation for the diversity of the female body and the ways in which it grows, shapes and changes over time and with different life experiences. And what better way to educate than through honest and uplifting photographs of 100 amazing women!

This is my goal, my passion and my vision. I am a mother to two beautiful girls, and I would love nothing more in this world, than to see them grow up with a healthy appreciation for their body and its capabilities no matter what life (and genetics) gives them. But not only this, I want them to appreciate the diversity of the body in others. To be appreciative and accepting of the beautiful and simple fact that we are all born differently and we are all presented with different experiences throughout our lives that gives us our forever changing and forever unique bodies.



Underneath I AM... Determined











700澳元(累计1200澳元)十分有艺术天分的Natasha Keneally将对我们的女性进行精致的发型和化妆指导。确保给你们呈现里里外外100%的美。












How The Funds Will Be Used

As mentioned, the aim is to photograph 100 women. Great. Amazing! But unfortunately photographing 100 women doesn't come cheaply. As we are trying to give women the experience of a high fashion underwear campaign shoot (being shot in an honest and raw manner) we require a few things to make that possible.

Lets break it down nice and simple...

Altogether we need $2,700 to kick this thing off. 

$2,700 will allow us to photograph 7 women. Plus make a starter promo video that we can use on our website AND Social Media

$500 - Allows us to hire the technical equipment and studio we need to photograph our amazing women.

$700 - ($1,200 total) will allow us to have the incredibly talented Natasha Keneally perform her exquisite Hair and Makeup skills on the women. Ensuring they feel 100% beautiful inside and out.

$1,300 - ($2,500 total) will allow us to produce a promotional video to kick start this project. This video will feature on our website and can even be used throughout Social Media. It will be a key element in reaching a wider audience and educating as many people as possible on this topic. The promo film will be short, sharp and shiny. Giving people a glimpse into what the project is about, behind the scenes footage and even snippets of thoughts from the very women making this project possible; the models themselves. 

Once we reach $2,700 we can photograph 7 women and make a promo video. But, we do need to photograph 100! Yikes. So don't stop the support at just $2,700. For every $1,200 on top of that, we will be able to photograph another 7 women! So please, continue your support even after the goal has been reached.

For this project to be successful we MUST have diversity within our participants. This is key. And to gain that diversity, we must have numbers. So 100 women it is!

Please help me make this HUGE! 

The Challenges

One of the main challenges for this project is quite simply the funding. Thats why I'm here. I truly need your help to see this project through.
Without you're support the project will take sometime to come to fruition. Likely a few years. To fund this project solely on my own would mean months of time between shoots. We need to keep the momentum up and get this project out into the public eye. The sooner its out, the sooner we can start living and begin educating! 
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