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Everyone desires to be healthy and fit, brimming with energy to take on the challenges each day brings. Hectic work hours, late nights, a sedentary lifestyle, dehydration and irregular meals are the unhealthy traits typical of a modern lifestyle. Many of us are misinformed about the lifestyle changes needed to achieve a better state of health, or simply feel we are too busy for a lifestyle overhaul, and succumb to our weak will.

The OAXIS Wellness Line takes a holistic approach to quantifying your lifestyle. Our wellbeing is influenced by how we condition our bodies through physical training and what we put into our bodies. The OAXIS Wellness Line suite aims to help you track your physical activities and consumption as well as the various health matrixes that define your wellbeing- helping you make sense of your journey to a well balanced lifestyle.

Wellness is more than being free from illness- the state of wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth. It is a conscious, self-motivated process of gaining awareness and making choices towards a healthy and balanced life. Wellbeing comes from within and true change starts with understanding yourself.






OAXIS 健康智能套装就是通过手机App的数据互通帮助你在运动消耗和饮水摄入中实现平衡,开启健康的平衡生活。






睡眠检测 | 智能闹铃






LifeBalanz 健康智能套装,让产品互通互联,帮助你在运动消耗和饮水摄入中实现平衡,开启你的平衡生活。

O2 心率手环


不同年龄的人,有氧运动的标准都是不一样,检测心率能让我们最直观的了解到我们是否在进行有氧运动,O2 心率手环可以自动依据你的年龄给出静态、燃烧脂肪、有氧、无氧、最高心率这5个区间的心率范围,你可以依据自身的情况,进行有氧运动。







当你运动的时,O2 心率手环会自动记录你的运动数据,并通过APP将你身体水分流失情况传递给Vita智能水瓶,提醒补水。

Vita 智能水瓶

Ji Cheng Fitness Band

Fashionable Technology

Ji Cheng Fitness Band is the outcome of the collaboration between renowned contemporary Shanghai fashion designer Ji Cheng and award winning product design firm OAXIS.

Recognized as one of China's leading designers and influencers, Ji Cheng's design philosophy blends Chinese chic with modern wit. Her designs feature elements of tradition tempered by intelligence and humor, resulting in a unique signature style.

The Ji Cheng Fitness Band works with Lifebalanz app by OAXIS, helping users cultivate long lasting fitness habits. It tracks your daily activity level, calories burned and sleep quality, helping you keep tabs on your activity level.

Seamless Union of Fashion and Technology

The collaboration created a chic wearable piece with a strong visual impact that helps user tracks their active lifestyle. Ji Cheng Fitness Band's design was inspired by aesthetic of cranes' feathers, portraying the vivid shimmering glow reflected off crane's feathers under sunlight.

A perfect balance of traditional and contemporary style

The strap's dual tone design was achieved by the dual shot injection molding process, creating a rich texture portraying the crane's feathers. Additionally, the inner surface of the fitness band is covered with a modern, graphical interpretation of the tradition Chinese printed flora motifs.

Individualistic Elegances

Ji Cheng and OAXIS adopted three dimensional pattern cutting and sewing techniques used for couture fashion to create the simple, individualistic and elegant style.

Vita Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle

Vitality in every drop of water you drink

Staying well hydrated is essential for your wellbeing. The benefits of drinking water are widely known. It helps our body flush out toxins, aids digestion and improves our immune system. Water increases our energy level, improving our concentration and allowing us to stay mentally alert. It also helps our keep our skin moist and looking radiant. Replacing fluid loss is important to keep the body in its optimal condition.

Most of us were told to drink 8 glasses of water each day. Still, it's easy to lose count of drinking 8 glasses of water amidst a hectic day. The 8 glasses a day is a rule of thumb, not an absolute minimum. Our hydration needs vary with differences in age, gender, body weight and an assortment of biological factors. Our fluid loss is further influenced by other factors including climate and physical activity. The Vita Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle helps you keep track of your hydration level through the day to cultivate a balanced hydration habit.

Vita's Water Vitality Level

Thirst is the body's natural reaction letting you know you are getting dehydrated. When thirst kicks in, the body has already started its reaction to dehydration. Vita simulates the body's natural water loss process and keeps you informed of your hydration level via the digital display on the bottle. Vita's Water Vitality Level keeps you informed of your hydration level in an intuitive manner. Vita's Water Vitality Level is measured on a scale from 0 to 99, which will fluctuate as you lose and replenish fluids throughout the day.

Ensuring Every Drop is Safe

Vita isn't just a water bottle that helps you stay hydrated, it is a water tumbler that is capable of testing the purity of the water within. The purity of your drinking water is equally as important as staying hydrated. Vita's built-in TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) sensor measures the purity of the water that you drink, indicating if it is safe for drinking. TDS is the measure of combined content of organic and inorganic substance contained in a liquid; it is expressed in mg per unit volume of water (mg/l).

In addition, Vita also features a built in temperature sensor to ensure water isn't too hot or too cold for drinking. Vita ensures every drop is fit for consumption.

BPA Free Material

Vita's bottle is made of BPA Free Eastman Tritan™ plastic, which is commonly used in baby products, medical devices and skincare packagings where material toxicity levels and safety are critical considerations. Prolonged exposure to BPA can have various negative impacts on he body. Tritan™ plastic bottles remains safe even with contact with hot water (up to 203°F / 95℃)Vita's BPA free bottle lets you stay hydrated with a peace of mind.

Huge Capacity, Portable Design

22oz or 650ml capacity allows you to stay hydrated wherever and whenever you are. Vita is suitable for daily use at your workplace as well as in the outdoors for all of your adventures.

Intelligent Hydration Needs

Vita works together with O2 Fitness Band to simulate your fluid loss during your workouts, ensuring you are adequately hydrated.

每天要喝够八杯水? NO





O2 Fitness Band with Real Time Heart Rate Monitor

 Make Every Heartbeat Count

Cardiovascular health is one of the most important aspects of our overall wellbeing. Cardiovascular exercise involves activities that raise the heart rate to improve oxygen consumption in the body. Effective cardiovascular exercise requires maintaining a steady heart rate where aerobic respiration provides sufficient oxygen to sustain muscle power. Regular cardiovascular exercise ensures that our heart is conditioned to perform at its optimal level. It is recommended that adults between the ages of 18 and 64 should engage in 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 5 times a week.

The intensity of your cardiovascular training varies according to several factors including age and gender. With the O2's Fitness Band's real time heart rate monitoring, you are able to track the effectiveness of your cardiovascular workouts. Its real time heart rate readings help you to regulate the workout's intensity to reach your target heart rate zone for optimal fitness results, making every heartbeat count.

Resting Heart Rate Zone:
Normal heart rate when user is inactive or participating in low intensity activities.

Fat Burning Zone:
Usually at the beginning of workout where calories burned and cardiorespiratory levels are moderately low.

Aerobic Zone:
Occurs during physical activities that elevate cardiorespiratory levels, burn fat and strengthen cardiorespiratory functions.

Anaerobic Zone:
During high intensity activity with high-level cardiorespiratory activities and minimum fats burn.

VO2 Max Zone:
Occurs when the body reaches the maximum ability to consume oxygen.

Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring
O2 Fitness Band goes beyond tracking your workouts. It measures every step you take and calories you burn, along with measuring your real time heart rate during workouts. It uses an accurate electro-optical cell sensor to measure your real time heart rate. The sensor, located on the underside of the O2 uses a light to measure the blood flow under the skin and determine the real time heart rate.

Optimal target heart rate zone = (220 – Age - Resting Heart Rate) x (65 to 85%) + Resting Heart Rate. 65 to 75 % is best suited for a fat loss workout; 75 to 85 % is meant for high performance cardiorespiratory training. (* Target heart rate zone calculation is intended for reference only.)

Workout Mode and Daily Tracking

When engaging in cardiovascular exercises, the O2 fitness band automatically switches to workout mode where the electro-optical cell sensor continuously monitors the heart rate in real time. Alternatively you can switch to workout mode by pressing on the buttons. The O2 fitness band's multiple colored LED indicator informs you of your targeted heart rate zone, helping you regulate the intensity to prevent overexertion or ineffective training.

During normal daily use, the O2 fitness band periodically measures the heart rate at interval of 15 minutes. It vibrates to warn of unusually high resting heart rates.

Targeted Heart Rate LED Indicator

Air Flow Channels Strap Design

The electro-optical cell sensor should be firmly attached to the skin for accurate heart rate reading. The corrugated strap design with air flow channels was specially designed to cool and dry the skin, keeping the band comfortable while offering the secure fit needed for hear rate monitoring.

Adjustable Magnetic Clasp Design

The unique magnetic clasp design makes it easy to adjust the strap while switching between the loose fit for normal wear and the more secure fit for workouts.

Connected Ecosystem Built Around You

The LifeBalanz App calculates fluid loss based on activity level recorded on the O2 fitness band and transmits hydration level data to Vita smart water bottle.



Glo Smart Bluetooth Body Analyzer

 Wellness Glows from Within

Wellness starts from within; it begins with understanding yourself. From weight to body fat index, lean body mass, bone mass, and body water index to basal metabolism and body age, Glo measures key health indicators giving you insights into your wellbeing and establishing a basis for improvement. It uses the bioelectrical impedance analysis method to analyze your body composition and recommends suitable physical trainings based on the analysis.

Glo's simple interface lets everyone in the family can use it with ease; keeping your entire family informed of their wellbeing as they go about their daily lives. With Glo's insights, you and your loved ones can manage your lifestyle and fitness regimen effectively.

Glo Recognizes You

Glo automatically identifies up to 6 users without needing a smartphone within range. The first time you set foot on Glo, it registers your profile and your personalized ambiance colored glow. Each morning, just step onto Glo and wait for your personalized ambiance glow as Glo completes the analysis. Data is transmitted to your smartphone via Bluetooth the next time the app is launched.

Tracking Minute Changes in Your Body

Glo makes you aware of changes in your body and helps you keep track of your progress as you transition into a more balanced lifestyle. Glo provides a comprehensive overview of your wellbeing that includes body weight, body fats index, lean body mass percentage, bone mass percentage, body protein index, body water percentage and basal metabolic rate.

Progress Right Under Your Feet

With Glo's comprehensive analysis and easy to read charts, it is simple to see the results of your fitness efforts. Glo detects changes in the body water percentage and body fat index, which often indicate progress in your fitness. Together with O2 Fitness Band, Glo makes keeping track of your progress easy, helping you to visualize your progress right on your smartphone and stay motivated through your journey to wellness.







运动水瓶设计,即使在办公环境里也毫不突兀,更能适应多种户外环境,随时随地补充 水活力。

Glo 智能体脂秤









当你多次运动时, Glo身体分析仪通过身体水分和脂肪的变化,告知你运动是否有效,避免因激烈运动脱水而误以为已经减重。同时Glo 智能体脂与O2心率手环互通,展示出你有氧运动后脂肪和水分的变化情况,激励你进行健康的有氧运动。






The OAXIS Wellness Team

The OAXIS Wellness line was created by the same team that launched the successful campaign for Star.21 fitness band on Pozible.com last year. Building on the success of the last campaign, OAXIS brings four more products to enrich the LifeBalanz ecosystem.

OAXIS was founded in Singapore, with offices in Singapore, Shenzhen, China and City of Industry, California. OAXIS focuses on the design and development of smart consumer electronic products. Founded 2010, OAXIS has received 28 international and regional design awards, including five IF Design Awards and two Computex Design & Innovation Gold Awards.

At OAXIS we believe that smart technology should be integrated harmoniously with daily lives. We strive to design and refine each detail to achieve design excellence in every product.

We aspire to be a leading provider of innovative consumer electronic products in the global market, leading in the development of cutting edge technologies and creating great consumer experiences with fashionable innovative products that inspire you.

Read more about OAXIS Products at www.oaxis.com

Why We Need Your Support?

OAXIS is focused on the design and development of smart wellness products. We hope to bring smart wellness products that integrate seamlessly into your daily lives, helping more people experience and lead quantified and well-balanced lifestyles.

During the crowdfunding campaign, we will work to continuously communicate with the backers to gather feedbacks and ideas as well as to provide updates on the development and production progress. The funds raised through the campaign will be used to fund the production and the continuous improvement of the products.

Your invaluable support will help us move towards building more innovative wellness devices for the future.


当你看到团队照片的时候,也许会觉得似曾相识。没错,我们就是去年pozible明星众筹产品star.21智能手环的研发团队。在这里,感谢每一位曾经关注、支持我们的伙伴。今天,OAXIS 团队再次登上国际的舞台,请相信我们。







We started looking at some common misunderstanding and mistakes:

Eight Glasses of Water Rule
Eight glasses of water each day is a general rule of thumb. Our hydration needs vary based on various factors including age, gender and weight. External factors including climate and activity level further influence our hydration needs. OAXIS aims to help you quantify your hydration needs more accurately.

Early Weight Loss Success
Most of us are mislead by the weight we read off the scale and mistake changes in weight as a sign of success in our weight loss efforts. Initial weight loss is more likely to be the result of water loss than fat loss, resulting in rebounded weight gain after a celebratory meal.

Faster, Further, Longer
Are faster, further, longer runs more effective for weight loss? The most effective workouts take place during the aerobic phase, in which the targeted heart rate is at the 60 -80% of your maximum heart rate. Everyone's target heart rate zone varies, thus it is critical to keep track of and maintain a steady heart rate in the aerobic phase.

Too Much of Something
Overexerting and pushing yourself too hard to reach unrealistic training targets could do more harm than good for your body. Determining the right amount of physical activity and intensity for your workout is important to optimize your efforts.

It's Time to Meet The New You.

A fit and healthy body is achievable by anyone, though it takes hard work and perseverance. The OAXIS Wellness Line's holistic approach considers the interplay of your hydration, fitness activities and various health matrixes. Together with the LifeBalanz app, the OAXIS Wellness Line takes the guesswork out of wellness, helping you make sense of your journey to a well-balanced lifestyle.

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