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Short Summary

My name is Vincent from Nairobi, Kenya. I have worked in the travel industry for close to 5 years now; during this time I have traveled place, met new people, experience new culture, food and engaged in lots of fun activities. I look back and ask myself, what if I had a place where I could diarize my expeditions, check for advice and travel information, tag and invite one or two people who would like to join me for a particular trip and crowd source for an event of interest. Or what if I had a platform to make new friends as I travel, wouldn't it be worthwhile and more rewarding to making trips? What if I could buy and pay for tour packages online? TraveLusion is a new concept envisioned to do just that.

I envision TraveLusion to be a travel social network, that enables travelers become members, interact, share experience, crowd source, book & pay for tours & events on the website. The website shall introduce interactivity among travelers on a single platform and improve how travelers engage with other people including travelers, their fellow citizens living within a particular destination visited and the local community. Our aim is to demystify travel industry.

I am seeking support to help me develop this idea, to do this I need to contract a specialist web developer who specializes in social website. This requires a budget of $ 100K. The amount shall be used to design and develop the website, the money will also assist in doing digital marketing in the first few months to popularize the travel social network.

My offer includes an option of strategic partnership for potential investors who would like to own a piece of this project.

What We Need & What You Get

All the funds donated to this project shall go to the appointed web development company who will design and bring it actualization. The company will also use part of the fund for digital marketing and advertisement.We shall send certificate of recognition to all the people who support the initiative and get a mention on the website. We also have an option of branding rights for corporate who donate more than half the total budget. If my entire goal is not met I will contribute all the monies to a charity organization selected by all donors. We shall provide a list of 5 nationally recognized institutions as candidates to receive the donation.

The Impact

This product is expected to revolutionize the travel industry by increasing interactivity between travelers and also create employment to hundreds of people after few years.

If for one reason or another you can’t make monetary contribution, don’t worry. You can still help, you can assist get the word out there. You can use pozible share tool to share with friends or word of mouth. If you also know of a potential corporate donor we would be happy to talk to them and send a detailed proposal for consideration.

How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds will be used to develop the website and do digital marketing campaign.

The Challenges

Risks & Challenges

The project is expected to provide minimal challenges since a professional web development company will be entrusted to design and develop the site. They will also manage the marketing campaing or first one year.
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