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Medical Charities often jostle for space in a crowded landscape for raising disease awareness. The success of the 'glamour' diseases like Breast Cancer, shows that marketing a disease 'brand' can be everything for the success of a fundraising campaign.

But what about diseases that are decidedly non glamorous and almost taboo? I speak of the diseases I work on, those infections that affect the gastrointestinal tract. Particularly those, like the hospital superbug Clostridium difficle (C diff), that can cause explosive diarrhea, inflamed bowels and toxic mega colon (which I'm sure is as awful as it sounds!)

I have been invited to speak at to a group American philanthropists at an international C. diff awareness meeting by the organizers from http://cdifffoundation.org/ November 9th, 2015 at the Raising C. diff. and Healthcare-Associated Infection Awareness conference. This organisation found me via my use of the twitter hash tag #cdiff and I think this is a good opportunity to talk about  my research on C diff and an old arthritis drug, Auranofin.

The aim of this new Pozible campaign is to raise funds for a C diff awareness animated video (perhaps with a talking toilet?) that has a dual purpose. It can be used by my hosts in Nov 2015, the C Diff Foundation, for education and also allows me to communicate my research plans to a larger philanthropic audience (perhaps to help raise research funds in a more traditional way?)

How The Funds Will Be Used

To pay for the professional animation services of James Hutson from Bridge 8 to make and edit a public awareness video on the topic of Clostridium difficile super bug infections, how they can be prevented with basic hygiene and my proposed new treatment for this deadly (and decidedly unglamourous) disease using an old arthritis drug.

Professional Animation Costs for a 2 min video = $10,000
Editing costs to make a short and longer versions of the awareness video? = Extra $750

The Challenges

This project is not to directly fund research in my laboratory, but is part of a two step strategy to fund a larger amount of money for a clinical trial for re-purposing an old drug to be used to treat this deadly super bug. We aim to make a fabulous awareness video but then fail in our ultimate goal to use this video as leverage for other sources of philanthropic donations. But the legacy of the awareness video could be that it is used to educate health professionals and inform the public about the dangers of this hospital acquired infection.
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A$20 +Diamante C. diff RibbonHow can you make C. diff diarrhea even MORE glamorous? By adding some Bling of course! You will receive a custom made awareness ribbon, pinned to a thank you card, to enable you to wear your lack of Poo Taboo with pride!
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A$50 +All GoneMini 3D Tiny ToiletA small 3D printed Tiny Toilet from our friends at Print In 3D in Geelong and a Diamante for C. diff awareness ribbon.
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A$60 +No Poo Taboo Tea TowelWould you like a fabulous addition for your home or office? Yes, upgrade to the Limited edition 'No more Poo Taboo' Tea Towel, featuring the 'flag' designed for the campaign by the talented animator, James Hutson from Bridge 8
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A$100 +All GoneDIY Bling Tiny ToiletA larger 3D printed Tiny Toilet from our friends at Print in 3D in Geelong, with added sheets of sparkles so you can get crafty and make your very own 'Rhinestones for the Runs' inspired toilet! Use it to hold paper clips on your desk or give as a 'Secret Santa' gift to a beloved friend or colleague! Diamante C. diff awareness ribbon also included with this reward.
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A$250 +Monogrammed Tiny ToiletA premium 3D printed 'Tiny Toilet' from our friends at Print in 3D in Geelong, monogrammed with the initials of your choice and hand customized with artistic flair by the Scientists behind this project! Diamante C. diff awareness ribbon also included with this reward.
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A$500 +Game of Thrones Loo SeatHave you ever wanted to have the best in the 'Game of Thrones"? Well, look no further than our customized and bedazzling FULL SIZE toilet seat, to replace the boring one you currently own. You can send us your current one to (plastic) jewel encrust (please clean it with bleach first!) OR we can send you a brand new seat for your Throne, monogrammed with your initials & lovingly customized by the Scientists behind this project. You will then have a loo that is a talking point! Plus C.diff ribbons
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