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Miss Friby Presents

Two Pound Parlour

Step into the sordid world of Two Pound Parlour, where you can find an exotic concoction of theatrical debauchery, suburban mockery and dirty little secrets.

After unprecedented success at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Green Room Award nominee, Miss Friby, brings another bizarre spectacle of burlesque, dance and cabaret in 'Two Pound Parlour'. Joined by Adelaide Fringe 'Best Music' winners, Rapskallion, Miss Friby will create an opulent vaudeville and burlesque ball for the charming remnants of Melbourne.

Post apocalyptic Vegas, and in response to a devastating review, Miss Friby explores her eclectic history of dance, vaudeville and burlesque acts. In a tornado of sequins and exotic glamour, four stunning dancers, three wilful musicians and one ballsy red head will reveal some of Miss Friby's prized acts which display haunted housewives, military minstrels, spaghetti slobs and other absurdities. 

Accompanied by a live musical score, this two hour spectacle promises clever choreography, witty interludes and the best burlesque this side of town.

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REVIEWS/AWARDS for past works

Green Room Award nomination ‘Innovation in Cabaret’ 2012

‘Successfully delivers an original dance cabaret to the fringe Festival program’ – Narelle Harris 

‘Will Take you on a satirical, political and social journey that you will never forget’ – Buzz Cuts

'Aphrodite’s Bordello' - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012

‘The most delightful piece of the evening’ – Theatre People

‘The undoubted highlight of the night…..unexpected and brilliant’ – Dance Informa

Spaghetti Slobs’ - Immersed 2012

Creative Production Team

Elizabeth Dawson-SmithWriter, Director & Choreographer

Elizabeth has spent the a large part of her creative career traveling the world as a stage and street performer both creating wacky shows and studying theatre techniques in Europe, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Elizabeth is currently completing Creative Arts Honours in Burlesque film.

Miss Friby is the local, Melbourne based branch of Friby Producoes, a theatre company founded by Elizabeth Dawson-smith in Sao Luis, Brazil. Currently Miss Friby creates a bizarre assortment of high end Vaudeville acts which heavily rely upon dance, physical theatre, song and suburban themes. This work has seen her collaborate with a variety of Australian artists including Rapskallion, Porcelain Punch and Komissar Kabaret and build support from venues such as The National Gallery (Art after Dark residency 2011), The Spiegeltent (2005/2011), Red Bennies and festivals like Rainbow Serpent (2010-13), Woodford Folk Festival (2012), Splendour in the Grass (2011) and The National Folk Festival (2012).

SEE LINKS: Youtube Channel - Miss Friby

Carmen O’Brien - Musical Director

Carmen O’Brien, key band member of Rapskallion, winners of the 'Best Music' act at the Adelaide Fringe Festival is no stranger to the cabaret/vaudeville world of the Melbourne underground. With a thorough background in music composition and choral direction, she is sure to bring a touch of lush to the Miss Friby table.

Performance/working credits include:

Garden of Unearthly Delights (Adelaide Fringe 2012), National Folk Festival (2012/2010), Splendour in the Grass (2011), Red Bennies (2011), St Kilda Festival (2012), Rainbow Serpent (2009/10), Woodford Folk Festival (2010/12), Residencies at National Gallery of Victoria (2009/2011), Spiegeltent (2008/10/11), UK tour (2009), European Tour (2010), Fusion Festival (Germany), The Secret Garden Party (UK), Glade (UK), Sunrise (UK), Edinburgh Fringe (UK), The Hat Fair (UK) and Aurillac International Street Theatre Festival (France).

SEE LINK: Rapskallion

Joana Simmons - Assistant Director/Choreographer

Originally from New Zealand, Joana Simmons is an all-round entertainer, with a background in dance, acrobatics, gymnastics and musical theatre. Training overseas at the world famous Pineapple Studios, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Academy of Gymnastics and Physical Education (Denmark), Joana has settled down in Melbourne, completing her Dance and Musical Theatre Diploma at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance.

Currently Joana is assistant choreographer for Collaboration the Project’s Project Y (a Youth contemporary dance company), member of Comedic Improv Troupe The Wrong People, fitness instructor and dance and acrobatics teacher at schools across Melbourne.

While Joana has an extensive background with Miss Friby, and all the bizarre works that entails, she is delighted to engage in this production as a director. Joana's kink and quirk will come out to play with the fantastic team in Two Pound Parlour.

Fingal Capaldi - Musician

Bohemian connoisseur of junk yard music, Fingal has an eye for scrumptious detail when it comes to quirky themes and rich sounds in both theatre, film and live performance. Lead singer of melbourne band, Rapskallion, Fingal Copaldi has also gone on to devise music for films (Being Films), Theatre (Four Larks, Porcelain Punch) gallery spectacles (Detritus) and numerous other live music projects (Kill Ya Darlins, Fingal and the Foxes).

Winner of Adelaide Fringe Best Music Award

SEE LINK: Soundcloud or Rapskalliion

Sara Yael - Designer

Sara is no stranger to Miss Friby as both a collaborator, performer and malicious dictator, with the pair working on numerous projects over the years including Art After Dark residency at the National Gallery of Victoria (2011), numerous festival shows (Woodford, National Folk Festival, Splendour) and cabarets, along with bizarre and wild performative concepts and events.

Sara's background as a performer and quirky caravan creator makes her the perfect candidate to take on the creative design for Miss Friby's latest show. Teaming up with some of Melbourne's best creators, Sara will ensure a rich tapestry of colour, extravagance and glamour, in true libran style!

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