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The Youth Food Movement is a national volunteer led organisation committed to fostering a strong desire in people to care about where their food comes from. 

We want to show young people their future in a fairer food system, whether that's as eaters, food producers or entrepreneurs.

The food system should be easier to understand and so we want to provide a place where young people feel empowered to enquire into where their food comes from, be connected to those responsible for producing it and ask how we can continue to eat for a sustainable future. 

Support us to launch in Melbourne!

Melbourne has an amazing community of fair food advocates and we want to participate in the conversation and open it up to new audiences. 

Sydney and Brisbane have both shown us how successful the Youth Food Movement can be, and the way we see it, Melbourne is long overdue. 

Help us start up YFM in Melbourne and join us in celebrating the launch. 

We're starting off with a bang by presenting a Reel Food Night.

Reel Food Nights are YOUR platform to come and learn more about the way food works, how things are changing and to hear it directly from the change-makers. 

It's a one-night only, pop-up bonanza with a food-film screening and expert panel discussion; an evening of interaction at its finest that calls upon a curiosity of mind for the Q&A session and creates a direct line of dialogue between audiences and the people who are responsible for getting their food to our tables. 

But it's not all chit-chat! We're making sure you'll get a chance to sample the wares of Melbourne's finest producers, have a few drinks and socialise with some fellow food minded folk. 

The Growing Food Project is a short documentary exploring Melbourne's local food movement and community food initiatives, where people are coming together to build local, fair and sustainable food systems.

Written & directed by Rasha Tayeh

Paul Miragliotta from Farmer Incubator is working hard to grow young farmers. Farmer Incubator provides upcoming farmers with: fields to innovate in, time to develop, part-time employment and experience, and importantly a pathway to small-scale farming—successfully and independently. They've created a small not-for-profit organisation, which nurtures enthusiastic, but novice farmers, who are (almost, but not quite) ready for farming life. Farmer Incubator are committed to regeneration, revitalisation, and relocalisation of food systems, communities and their environments. They are a real testing ground for new farmers and their proposed ventures into farming. The Incubator aims to get people who are passionate about farming food, caring for the environment and strengthening community—onto the land.

Julie Francis from Moffitts Farm will introduce the Comfortable Farming system that she runs in conjunction with her parents to produce Wiltipoll sheep, timber and ecosystem services. Moffitts Farm, 60km north of Melbourne, is a regenerative farm - not just sustaining natural resources, but building them. The Comfortable Farming methods used ensure that ecosystem services are protected and enhanced - including carbon dioxide sequestration, provision of quality habitat, delivering clean water into creeks and groundwater, and improved soil health. Julie and her family aim to join- the -dots about farming practice to demonstrate that it can be undertaken in conjunction with high animal welfare and environmental sustainability outcomes, which consumers have a right to expect.

The launch of the Youth Food Movement Melbourne will be on Thursday the 28th of May.
Further guests and speakers will be announced closer to the event. 

This event is all about celebrating a community that are working together to change the way we eat and do it for the better. We couldn't have pulled this off without the support of some wonderful people, a huge shout out to our friends at  Farmer IncubatorThe Diggers ClubGrown and GatheredKombuchAIDYuMeCaitlin Shearer, Antra SvarcsMoffitts FarmThe Growing Food Project and the Mixed Dozen

Rewards for your support

How The Funds Will Be Used

This campaign is to help us launch and some of the money we raise os going to go towards introducing us to Melbourne with a damn fine party - which of course you're invited to.

These costs will be spent on the venue, food, drinks, entertainment and all the little things that go into put an event together.

But mostly we're interested in what will happen after the party is over. 

YFM is a grassroots, volunteer-led organisation which is completely independent of traditional methods of funding.

We don't charge a membership fee and it's important to us that we keep our events as affordable as possible, so they are accessible to everyone.

YFM has a knack for putting on awesome events - that everyone wants a piece of - and have a huge social impact and a tiny environmental impact. But we can only manage a couple each year.

We need these funds to keep doing what we do best - but more of it and more often.

We want to build and maintain community, responding to the huge appetite we're seeing for what we do.

As well our members are involved in some really exciting things: they're farming, working in food advocacy organisations and getting involved in amazing food start-ups - these guys are going to be key players in our foodscape, now and into the future, some of the money will go towards helping the Melbourne team connect with producers and other food advocates, to visit farms and learn more about the problems we're tackling so YFM Melbourne can be the best advocates they can be.

The Challenges

YFM Melbourne is a fledgling chapter - and as such, we're feeling our way through things. This means we tackle things with enthusiasm, vim and vigour as well as a touch of blind faith.

But! We have a strong team of amazing people who are a veritable trust of knowledge on anything and everything from event production to farming economics.

And! We have the guidance of our friends in Sydney and Brisbane who have been around the block a few times and are on board to lend a helping hand and a word of advice whenever we're a bit stuck.

Also! Have we mentioned enough times how much we love Melbourne's awesome food community?! This town loves its food, and is bursting at the seams with people who fight hard to make sure we're going to create a better food future.

Last but not least! You guys! We have people out there who want to hear more about where their food comes from, want to eat well and tell everyone about how amazing our food producers are. Join us and we'll be there to help open up food and celebrate its power and magic!
on 1st May 2015 at 2:00am. The payment portal is closed now.
A$10 +A Garlic BulbCongrats! You're having a garlic bulb planted on your behalf by founding members of YFM Melbourne, Em and Georgia. They are preparing to plant a bumper crop of garlic in April, and they're happy to name a garlic bulb after you! With this reward, you're helping YFM and young farmers to sow their future.
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A$20 +YFM Says Thank YouYFM will give you a shout out via Instagram or Twitter with a food related THANK YOU pun, and then we'll follow this up by sending you a real paper THANK YOU postcard in the mail and a lovely packet of seeds donated by Diggers!
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A$25 +All GoneReel Food Night Ticket Get yourself a ticket to YFM Melbourne's launch event Reel Food Night, and on arrival you'll get a bottle of delicious homemade passata from one of our friend's family passata days to enjoy at your own dinner table.
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A$40 +All GoneGrown & Gathered Veg BoxThe wonderful Matt and Lentil from Grown & Gathered have been growing and gathering seasonal fruit and veg for you to pick up in this gorgeous Veg Box. Boxes are delivered to Ham and Bone in Brunswick each Saturday - choose this to get your hands on the freshest produce going! Get in quick - only 9 available!
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A$50 +Reel Food Night DeluxeGet your ticket to the Melbourne YFM launch, the Reel Food Night...and on arrival, you'll also get a choice of a 1 Litre bottle of locally made kombucha by the legends at KombuchAID or a bottle of hot sauce sourced from members of YFM! The first ten people to buy this reward will get a bonus from our friends at YuMe - a bundle of eco-coins to use in their new app which is helping Melbourne businesses reduce their food waste - basically it means lunch on us!
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A$60 +Small Foodie PrintYou love eating food and looking at food, but you can't attend the Reel Food Night in Melbourne? The delightful illustrator and loyal friend of YFM Caitlin Shearer is creating a beautiful food based print that you can hang with pride in your home knowing you've contributed to helping young people engage with their food future. **It is one of a kind!**
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A$75 +Reel Food Night VIPThis rewards gets you a ticket into YFM Melbourne launch event, the Reel Food Night, as well as a front row seat, a drink on arrival and a jam-packed YFM goodies bag. Trust us - it's totally worth the extra $$.
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A$100 +Large Foodie PrintIf you REALLY love eating food and looking at food, get yourself one of these limited edition prints by the uber talented Melbourne illustrator and friend of YFM, Antra Svarcs. It'll hang pride of place in your kitchen for you to gaze at lovelingly while you whip up your next food creation! **It is one of a kind!**
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A$250 +YFM Founding DonorWith this reward, become a Founding Donor of YFM Melbourne. Get yourself an invite to the YFM Founding Donor Dinner, where you will get the chance to meet with key members of the YFM Melbourne team and ask them all of your tough questions about food. We'll dine over a meal curated by The Baker from Mixed Dozen. Seriously, this is an experience not to be missed. As part of this reward, you will also get a VIP ticket to our Reel Food Night!
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