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UPDATE June 22 - A HUGE FIRST STEP! Thanks to the 178 of you (plus hundreds more who chipped in to buckets passed around at launches) who have collectively built the foundations of this film. 

There's still a long way to go to create all parts of the film, but none of it could happen without this crucial first leap that you've provided. Your funds will see us dive further into research, interviews, script development, workshopping and more to take us toward production. You've also opened the door for us to access professional feature film equipment, and start to build a budget for technical crew and actors.

While we jump into that work, we will also be using your foundation to have meetings with unions, women's organisations, legal organisations, grants bodies, film funding bodies and individual larger donors or investors, to build up the budget to the level needed to make the dramatic film this story deserves. If you think you can help with this, contact:

We need plenty more funds for this film. You can donate directly to the film account 
Account name: Jobs For Women film project
BSB: 633000   Account Number: 153873245
You are now able to make a tax deductible donation, thanks to our partnering with Cultural Dissent. You simply donate to Cultural Dissent and mark the donation as "Jobs For Women Film Project". The full amount is passed on to the film, while your donation is tax deductible. To organise this, or if you have any queries, please email:

Thanks everyone, let's make this film!

UPDATE June 15 - YOU DID IT! Thanks to over 160 backers (really several hundred when we include those who threw cash into buckets at various launch events), our crowdfunding to get the Jobs For Women project into serious action has met it's target!

For all those who've pitched in, you've not only helped build the foundation for this film, but have shown the strong support for this film, and have given a huge boost of confidence to everyone involved in the film.


Jobs for Women
is the incredible true story of a diverse group of women who ignite a campaign that changes Australia forever.
What begins as a handful of women confronting the country's richest and most powerful company, grows into a community-wide battle from the factory gates to the highest court in Australia. 

An inspiring story as rich in humour as in rebellion, Jobs for Women shows how solidarity can not only overcome the biggest hurdles, but can change the world.

[Jobs For Women protesters in the early 1980s]

Yet this amazing true story of liberation is virtually unknown.

We need your help to turn this inspiring, humorous and moving story into a dramatic feature film.

A film about equality, justice, solidarity and camaraderie.

A film full of action and conflict, twists and turns, passion and humour, that deserves to be seen.

A film who's heroes are not politicians nor celebrities nor figureheads, but ordinary working class women, from diverse backgrounds, who work together to challenge a seemingly unbeatable foe.

A film that will anger and inspire us, and will make us laugh and cry. 

Join us to help make Australia's answer to Pride  and Made in Dagenham!

Stay in Touch

As with the Jobs For Women struggle, collective support is essential to this project. Whether you can donate or not to our crowdfunding campaign, please stay up to date with the project by joining our newsletter list, liking us on Facebook, and consider sharing this campaign among your networks.
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[Below: Tent Embassy at the front of BHP, Wollongong, 1980]

How The Funds Will Be Used

OK, so Hollywood won't be throwing millions to make the Jobs for Women comic book heroes here - just working class ones. No women as princess or victim or accessory for men - just women collectively taking on a goliath opponent.

So making an inspiring and entertaining feature film will itself be a battle not unlike the against-the-odds struggle to be depicted in the film. This will be a people-powered film - you are that power!

[Protest outside BHP Annual General Meeting]

To entirely fund the film, we need to raise between $300,000 and $500,000 from all sources. Sounds like a lot, right? In the film world, that's microbudget. It needs to cover development, script, casting, actors, rehearsals, technical crew, feature film equipment hire, catering, locations, props, music, editing and other post production, royalties, insurance, legals, marketing & much more.

Your funds are essential! The $25,000 will mean:
* $6000 can be used to finalise research and complete the script
* $4000 can cover script workshoping, auditions, rehearsals, and shoot preparations
* $5000 will pay for at least half our professional feature film equipment costs (camera, lighting, audio)
* $5000 will allow us to start hiring technical crew
* $5000 will allow us to start securing actors for the film

Essentially, you'll be getting us to the point where our finger will be poised over the record button!

You'll also be providing a foundation for the film, and showing that people want this film made.

This will be a huge help to secure other funding including through:
- cultural grants from a range of arts bodies 
- funding and offsets from film organisations such as Screen NSW and Screen Australia
- contributions from social justice bodies such as women's rights groups, trade unions, legal aid and anti-discrimination organisations, 
- substantial donor individuals and potential investors in the film
- fundraising events and merchandise

In a sense, your contribution could be doubled, tripled or more!

Your funds will ensure that the Jobs For Women film will be a thoroughly professional, high quality, must-see production that this story deserves.

The Challenges

The strength of this film is the amazing story, and the people and organisations that lived and created it. 

The biggest challenge to get that story out is the funds needed to do the film justice. Much sweat, tears and hopefully a limited amount of blood will be expended for the film in a volunteer capacity. Yet there are considerable costs - for full time crew, for key actors, for first rate equipment, for real life locations, for proper production, and much more - that simply have to be paid. 

By assured that, no matter what, we WILL make a Jobs For Women film! If we can't get the backing needed to make the feature drama, the team is 100% committed to making a feature doco-drama, which would still be a ripper film.

However our preference is to truely bring this story to life as a dramatic film, and to get it to the broadest audience possible. The funding challenge is also an opportunity. By the 'crowd' kicking off the project, and by seeking support from other avenues, we are eager for many partners and supporters to come on board the exciting journey to make this film. 

on 21st Jun 2015 at 2:00am. The payment portal is closed now.
A$10 +Solidarity thanksYour name will be added to our ‘wall of struggle’ on, plus we'll thank you on
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A$25 +Download the struggleGet ready to be among the first to see the film with your Digital Download of the completed movie. Plus thanks on our 'wall of struggle' and Facebook
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A$50 +Subversive DVD & posterYou'll also be one of the first film viewers via a DVD, plus you'll see accompanying doco footage and bloopers from the film. We'll also throw in a mini film poster plus web thanks.
23 Chosen | 277 AvailableEst. delivery is August 2016
A$75 +Twice the revoltYou get the award-winning Radical Wollongong DVD, from the filmmakers behind the Jobs For Women film. Plus the Jobs for Women DVD, mini poster, and web thanks!
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A$100 +Wear your resistanceWear your new Jobs For Women shirt with pride! Plus get the 2 DVDs, the digital download, mini poster and web thanks.
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A$200 +Credit & Premiere timeYour name will be on the big screen, thanked in the film credits PLUS two tickets to the premiere in your city. Plus get the shirt, 2 DVDs, mini poster, and web thanks.
17 Chosen | 133 AvailableEst. delivery is August 2016
A$300 +Viva la VIP PremiereJoin us with 4 VIP tickets to a premiere screening. In addition to priority seating and meeting the film team, you're off to the post screening party or drinks. And you’ll be in the credits, get the shirt, 2 DVDs, mini poster, and web thanks
3 Chosen | 97 AvailableEst. delivery is August 2016
A$500 +Be on set..& in the film?You'll join us on the film set for up to a day. In addition to seeing the magic in action, we will try to get you into the film as a volunteer 'extra' - if you wish! Plus you get the 4 VIP tickets, be in the credits, the shirt, 2 DVDs, mini poster, and web thanks
9 Chosen | 6 AvailableEst. delivery is July 2016
A$1000 +Filmmaking workshopYou'll be part of an intimate, one-day intensive filmmaking workshop, tailored to attendees (maximum 5 per day). It can include camera, lighting, sound, editing, directing, script work and more - depending on what you want. (Note: Will occur in Sydney) Plus get a day on set, 4 VIP tickets, be in the credits, the shirt, 2 DVDs, mini poster, and web thanks
3 Chosen | 7 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2016
A$2000 +Host a screeningYou'll get an exhibitor license to host your screening at your organisation, school, whatever. You can charge for up to 200 people, so can make back or raise funds. A Jobs For Women team member(s) can help intro the film & take questions. Your screening kit includes DVDs; posters and leaflets; website & facebook listing. You'll also have a support person help you with promotion to make it big! Plus get the 4 VIP tix, in the credits, shirt, 2 DVDs, mini poster, and web thanks
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A$5000 +Make your short filmShoot your short film idea - you can direct, act, or just hand us your idea to make. If it can be done in a weekend, we'll do it! We'll consult, script, shoot and edit your short film idea (supplying camera, crew, lights, sound). We'll allow 3 hours pre-prod; 3 hours prod & 10 hours post prod. NOTE: The weekend shoot needs to be in Sydney or surrounds. Plus you get to host a screening, the 4 VIP tix, be in the credits, shirt, 2 DVDs, mini poster, and web thanks.
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A$10000 +Executive Producer creditYou will be credited as an Executive Producer on the film. You'll also get to host a screening, the day on set, 4 VIP tickets, shirt, DVDs, mini poster, and web thanks
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