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Hi my name is Paul Bonetti. I am a singer/songwriter from Brisbane, Australia.

My first full length album is being released to the big wide world in May 2015. That's just two months away!

This album marks a step-up from my usual live sound. I am typically known for performing my diverse collection of songs armed only with my voice and acoustic guitar. This album, on the other hand, presents my songs the way they actually sound inside my head, recorded and produced with lots of excitement and energy.

The album is jam packed full of tunes that map out moody, bluesy, quirky tales of suburban love-lorn sentiment. All wrapped up in a tight little package featuring smatterings of indie-pop, R&B, country-shufflin, balls-out rock, and soulful acoustic ballads. These diverse styles have allowed each of my songs on the album to find their ideal musical home.

So far, all the tracking and recording has been completed on the album: punchy horn sections, sultry cellos, clarinets, trombone, tight-knit vocal harmonies, quirky synths, grinding Farfisa bass organ, and smokin drums and bass.

I have recently had the privilege of being in the studio with the incredible talent of Yanto Browning, who has been mixing the 11 tracks on my new album. Yanto has worked with the likes of The Medics, Kate Miller-Heidke, Art of Sleeping, Yves Klein Blue, The Belligerents and The Jungle Giants. And with this experience behind him, I have been so grateful of the way he has brought these tracks to life.

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You can pre-purchase your own copy of the album, plus there are many other gifts and goodies that you can get by pledging your support!

Many thanks in anticipation of your support. I hope you enjoy the tunes!

How The Funds Will Be Used

To help get the album out, I am seeking to use crowdfunding to finish it off.

So far, I have covered all the pre-production, hire of musicians, recording and mixing costs myself.

I am asking you to help me fund the final leg of the journey. My crowdfunding target is $2500.
The funds will be used for:

1) Final audio mastering costs
2) Manufacturing of CDs
3) Promotion costs

In return for your support there are many rewards on offer, from pre-purchasing a copy of the album, to booking me for your very own house gig!
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A$10 +THANK YOUFor any pledge of $10 or more you will get a shout-out on Facebook and a personal thank you.
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A$20 +THE ALBUMPledges of $20 and up will receive a copy of the album that is signed (if you want).
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A$45 +DELUXE ALBUM PACKAGETwo copies of the album as well as a copy of my previous EP release 'Elevator Chronicles'.
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A$75 +All GoneGOLDEN TICKETDouble pass to the album launch as well as the deluxe album package above.
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A$100 +All GoneGUITAR OR SINGING LESSON!One guitar or singing lesson with Paul, as well as the deluxe album package above. (or ukelele, bass guitar, drum kit, composition!)
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A$150 +LETS HAVE A JAM IN A JAR!One jar of my own (legendary) home made marmalade, as well as the deluxe album package above.
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A$250 +WRITE A SONG WITH ME!This whole album is about the songs. Help me create some more magic. You bring the riff, I'll lend a melody. You bring the melody or chord progression that you'd like to explore – we write the song together. Or, introduce me to your favourite blend of tea and we'll brew up a song over a cuppa. You walk away with a fair dinkum 50% ownership of the song (plus a copy of the new album!). (This reward needs to take place at an agreed time and place within 1hr of Brisbane CBD.)
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A$500 +A PRIVATE PERFORMANCEReplete with the intimate sound of my musical duo outfit, I will play a small performance just for you and your friends at a house party (at an agreed time and place within 1hr of Brisbane CBD), including some songs of your choice and a bottle of wine that I choose for the occasion. You will also receive a standard copy of the album!
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