Tom's Plan (feature film)

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Tom's Plan will explore the shared living arrangement with Tom Hancock, a 34 year old man with down syndrome and type one diabetes and his two house mates, myself (Angie Kent) and Yvie Jones. Tom Hancock is loving his dream, the dream being 'a secure life enriched by the daily experience of living within the community'.

Tom's Plan will also introduce an innovative alternative housing option for people with a disability, known as Home Occupiers Mutual enterprise (HOME). The HOME vision is to build a new and different approach to providing accommodation support to people with a disability in Australia.

HOME has been developed through a group of parents of people with disabilities, professionals and individuals concerned with the lack of housing options faced by people with disabilities.

We want this documentary to create some noise and get investors on board (favorably!) so we can turn this vision in to reality!

How The Funds Will Be Used

In order for us to be able to turn Tom's Plan into a feature length documentary, we need a little help!

The money will be used to assist with our marketing campaign. The HOME vision is such a remarkable vision and the word needs to be spread. Advertising / film festivals / distribution, all these things cost money, money that we don't have at this stage. This is where you guys come in :)

Your donations will assist with the fees to enter Tom's Plan into a number of film festivals. Film festivals are a fantastic way for us to get the HOME  vision out there, nationally and potentially internationally.

Your donations will also help our hard working crew whom give up their time to work free of charge, by allowing me to be able to pay for per diems i.e vehicle parking / food & drinks etc.

The Challenges

Making any film on a small budget always proves to be quite a challenge. But, I have a great production team and will be filming some amazing people!

Working with disabled bodies can sometimes be quite confronting at the best of times. As side from that, no obstacles will stop us from making this production. The HOME vision is to sensational not to be out there for people to know about, and hopefully get involved & spread the word. 
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A$10 +Know that we love you :)Any amount of money counts! $10 will get you massive love & praise on our social media site(s) and good vibes will be sent your way from yours truly.
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A$20 +Big love on social mediaWe appreciate any contribution made to help us with this project. Your money will help pay for per diems for my crew so I can keep them happy & working hard to make mine, Tom & Tom's family's dream project come to life!
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A$50 +Behind the scenesNot only will you receive bulk loving on our social media sites, you will also have access to some of our behind the scenes footage/bloopers. You will also receive a special thanks from Tommy, myself and others involved with this production!
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A$100 +Screening partay! We would love it if you could join us at the official screening of Tom's Plan. If we raise enough money (or get sponsors), there will be free booze and nibbles and you'll be one of the first to see the finished product!
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A$200 +Executive Producer creditThank-You SO much for your generosity and support. Not only have you helped feed the cast & crew, you have helped with marketing the film and getting it out there! We obviously want to invite you to our screening / wrap party, and offer you an executive producer credit on the film.
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