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Help make our project become Australia’s first road-registered solar powered sports car.

Sunswift's eVe is the smart, sleek, solar-powered sports car that leads the way for the sustainable transport solutions of tomorrow. It is our aim to make our solar car, eVe, the 1st road legal solar sports car in Australia, and to prove that the technology is both viable and competitive with conventional petrol-fueled transport.

Built for speed and style, she recently broke a world land speed record, smashing the previous record set 26 years prior. It’s no easy feat, so help us get eVe road-registered and join us in our race towards a sustainable future!

Make a pledge today and receive some of our amazing rewards. Alternatively, if you'd like to support our team you can donate via our website donate page, which is tax deductible. This will count towards our crowdfunding target.

eVe's becoming road legal?! Tell me more!

As early as March 2015 we want our car, eVe, to be Australia’s first fully road legal solar-powered sports car. We hope to show that a group of students can build a practical solar sports car using existing technology, challenge current notions about renewable energy technology, and shape the way for a clean energy future.

eVe is no longer an environmental pipe dream. She is a practical, stylish solar-electric sports vehicle which functions as a regular car. She is the sports car you always dreamed of buying with the benefits of zero fuel consumption, zero emissions and the ability to recharge herself for free!

Who exactly are Sunswift?

Sunswift is a student-led project run through the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. The project first began in 1996, and eVe is the 5th generation solar car produced by the team. All of the work we do is completely voluntary on top of full-time study and part-time jobs.

We’ve had a pretty successful run this year in the spotlight, and our plans for 2015 are no different. A few articles on our successes include:

- This car may be the first road legal car powered by the sun – Washington Post
- UNSW Students Smash World Record - SMH
- University of NSW students drive solar cars into the record books – ABC News

And check out our website's Media Page for many more articles and videos.

Why do we need your help?

eVe has been a fantastically successful race car. However, for a car like eVe to become the future of sustainable transport she also needs to realise her potential as a practical consumer vehicle.

For any car to be allowed to drive on Australian roads they need to adhere to the Australian Design Rules, among some of the most rigorous standards in the world. Never before has a solar car been constructed to such high standards. To do so, we need to radically upgrade her internal components to that of current commercial cars. Upon completion, we will have a car which is not just a superstar on the race track, but also one with the safety and practicality expected by Australian consumers.

You’ll be funding one of the most exciting engineering projects in Australia, and also helping to support young Australian engineers with a commitment to sustainability and renewable energy technology.

If you'd like more information

If you would like to find out more about us check out our website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram!

Here's our latest TV feature story by ABC News' "The Business":

And here an excellent after-movie of our World Record attempt by CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport):

Solar-powered? Surely that can’t go very fast.

Actually, this car recently broke a world speed record for the fastest long-range electric car. Averaging 107km/hr for the 500km distance.

Does having solar panels on your car mean you don't need to refuel?

Sunswift's solar sports car, eVe, never needs refuelling. That’s because the solar panels on the roof feed directly into the battery, so as long as the sun is shining you can forget about filling up. Which means you’ll save time and money to do more of the things you love! In fact, 5 hours charging on a sunny day gives us 160 km of range!

What about when the sun is down, can you still drive eVe?

YES! This car is designed to travel for long distances, even at night. That’s because the high-efficiency lithium-ion battery pack allows you to travel for at least 500km without sunlight on a single charge. So you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel ever again!

We're Not Done Yet!

Thank you so much to everyone, we have reached our initial target!! We greatly appreciate your support THOUGH WE ARE NOT DONE YET!!

$30,000 is just the minimum amount needed to make our dream a reality. We still need your help to fund our parts and services needed to make eVe, the Southern Hemisphere's first road legal solar sports car. It is estimated that over $100,000 will be needed to make our car; safer, faster, more efficient and more aesthetic.

So be a part of this history and donate to join us in our endeavours for a bright sustainable future.

The world is already excited about it!
"This car may soon be the world’s first street-legal vehicle powered by the sun" - Washington Post
"Faster, Better, Solar: Record-Breaking Student Car May Hit Streets by 2015" - Mashable

And some articles specifically about our Pozible campaign!
"The Sunswift team now need help to turn eVe into Australia's first road-registered solar-powered car"
- Science Alert
"The Solar World Record Beating Sunswift Solar Car Could Soon Be Registered For Ordinary Road Use"
- Business Insider
"Sunswift turns to crowdfunding to realise solar electric car dream"
- RE new Economy
"Sunswift eVe 2.0 – Australia’s 1st Street Legal Solar Car?"
- Energy Matters

How The Funds Will Be Used

There are many improvements and retrofits we need to make on the car to adhere to stringent road legal requirement.

These include:   
   - 21st Century crash safety protection ($10,000)
   - Upgraded lithium-ion batteries for further range ($15,000)
   - Electrical Safety Improvements ($15,000)
   - Headlights, Windsreen Wipers, AC, and demisters ($10,000)
   - Upgraded braking and suspension systems ($20,000)
   - Retrofitting the interior for commercial standard of comfort and ergonomics ($6000)

We're almost there, though your support will make it all possible.
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A$10 +Thank You CardAs a humble token of appreciation we'll send you a Thank You Card with a personalised message in the mail. Every bit of support goes a long way!
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A$20 +Sponsor A BatteryBy sponsoring one of our Panasonic NCR650 Lithium-Ion batteries, you'll receive a photo of the battery with your name on it. Right from conception to it's inauguration into the whole battery pack you'll receive photos and updates of how he/she's going during his/her life. We have 1000 batteries who need your sponsorship.
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A$25 +Sunswift Office MugMake a statement in the office while enjoying your favourite hot beverage in a Sunswift mug. It is a great addition to any collection, give it as a gift or keep it to show off to friends and family. (Photo below is only a representation of expected design, mug is 2-sided as shown)
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A$40 +Sunswift T-ShirtsWhether you want to showcase your support for Sunswift with a bold fashion statement or simply show you are part of the team – a Sunswift T-Shirt is the perfect reward. ($20 charge applies to international pledgers)
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A$70 +Parts of eVe TrophyAs many renowned engineering projects have done, we're offering the chance for you to buy exclusive perspex trophies embedded with parts of eVe and a thank you note. Featuring some carbon fibre from the original body and a small piece of the genuine solar cells used in eVe's World Solar Challenge debut and record breaking success. They make the perfect mantlepiece or office ornament. (Picture indicative of what you'll receive)
8 Chosen | 42 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015
A$80 +Solar Cell TrophyYes, solar cells are as pretty as they are a genius invention. Ideal for the centrestage of the mantlepiece, or as an office ornament to make all your co-workers jealous you will receive a solar cell encapsulated in a perspex block with a thank you note. (Picture indicative of what you'll receive)
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A$100 +Sunswift TieAs a great gentleman once said, "A man can never have too many ties in the wardrobe." A nice, black tie featuring our insignia as shown is the most intelligent fashion decision you could make. (Design coming soon! Colour of tie will be black with Sunswift insignia at bottom)
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A$150 +Painted 3D Model eVeOur friends at Make3D are making us 3D printed model eVes. And we're going to PAINT them to look like the real deal! These painted 3D models are a limited offer for crowdfunding pledgers only. (Photo to come soon! Extra $20 shipping for int'l pledgers.)
18 Chosen | 32 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015
A$250 +Drive eVe @ Race Track!We're offering you the chance to get behind the new improved version of eVe at the HART Race Track in St Ives, Sydney. In addition, we're offering professional photo shoots of you driving the car which we'll frame and send to you. eVe's low weight, race design and low riding position make for exciting drive you'll never forget. Not to mention it's your chance to get behind the wheel of and a photo with the solar car that's making history! *Track Days will be confirmed as early as March 2015.
13 Chosen | 7 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2015
A$500 +Company PhotoshootWe'll take out car eVe to your company office for a professional photoshoot. Offer also available for company events if you would like to showcase our car. Team members can also accompany the car, offering explanations of the technology and the Sunswift team's glorious history.
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A$1000 +Poster Advertisement Have your company logo on a unique Sunswift poster to be given away at ALL Sunswift events in 2015. We've attended various industry trade shows, exhibited in iconic public spaces, schools and university events. We're going to print +1000 posters to give away to the general public and at events. With 10s of 1000s of people we will engage with, it's an excellent advertising opportunity that's limited to this Pozible offer only.
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A$1500 +Company in YouTube VideoHave your company logo feature in our Road Legal Promotional Video on YouTube. Our Land Speed World Record Promo video has receiver over 60,000 views and shares all over social media and news forums. With the huge potential for PR stunts planned in 2015, we're anticipating significant public interest in what we do.
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A$2500 +Company Track DayArguably the most unique opportunity for a company entertainment event on the market. You and up to 20 of your office will spend the day at HART Race Track, St ive where you have the chance to drive the new road legal eVe, enjoy a BBQ lunch and meet the Sunswift team. The event includes professionally taken photographs - both individual and whole company - to remember the day and is a great way to impress clients or give your employees a chance to drive the future of transport.
0 Chosen | 5 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2015
A$5000 +One-Time Ad OfferExclusive invitation to publicity launch as a road legal car in iconic Sydney area. On this day we will do our first drive around Sydney, driving around the CBD and over the Harbour Bridge. The press will be hot on our trail as we cruise the streets for the first time. During the day we'll be conducting interviews at an iconic location*. Here we offer your company exclusive access to media and a chance to showcase your company banner/logo in the background. *Location still be to be verified.
1 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2015
A$5001 +Official Bronze SponsorBecome an Official Bronze Sponsor. Benefits include: - Branding on eVe, team trailer, team uniforms and banners visible at all events. - Access to all Sunswift events, such as our milestone launch parties. - Opportunities for a number of company employees to drive eVe. - Social media and targeted website promotion. (More benefits can be discussed)
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A$10000 +Official Silver SponsorBecome an Official Silver Sponsor of Sunswift. Benefits include: - Branding on eVe, team trailer, team uniforms and banners visible at all events*. - Naming rights to events. - Access to all Sunswift events, such as our milestone launch parties. - Opportunities for a number of company employees to drive eVe. - Social media and targeted website promotion. (More benefits can be discussed, more information available) *More significant branding offered for higher donation amounts.
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