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I unsuccessfully attempted to Crowd-Fund Issue 04 of Take last year but thought I'd give it another shot. Why? You may ask. Well it's because I believe that this is a magazine that should continue to be published. I feel that the photographers and their work need to have a voice in an increasingly commercial, fake world. I want to continue to showcase raw, gritty work from talented documentary photographers who leave me in awe of their courage and their skill. I want Take Issue 04 to be published.

However Take is a one man show and unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees. I also have an aversion to advertising which is why Take does not include any and also why you will receive a publication that is, from front to back cover, all content, no ads. So rather than paying for other magazines which are generally set up to be a brand catalogue with maybe 50-60% real content, you get 100% of awesome! :)

If successfully funded this issue will be co-edited by the amazing members of the Oculi group (www.oculi.com.au) which includes many of Australia's top documentary photographers. I already have the Oculi members list of photographers to include (it's amazing) and now we just need the cash for printing.

Please check the Rewards and grab yourself a copy of the issue. I am very excited about producing a new issue of Take and would love to have your support.

Andrew Johnstone
- Publisher/Editor/Designer
Take Magazine

Some Of My Previous Work

We have currently printed three issues of Take. We have also been publishing Empty Magazine for 9 years and have produced 22 issues so far.

Below are the three covers of Take. Check the site for more details, including a list of the photographers in each issue - www.takephotomag.com.

Issue 03

Issue 02

Issue 01

How The Funds Will Be Used

All funds will be used towards printing, shipping and importation costs.

The magazine will be it's usual 275x210mm size and will be at least 112pages.

Please Note - The Free Worldwide Postage is for supporters of the crowd-funding project. Online sales after the funding will incur an additional postage fee. Grab your copy now to avoid the extra cost.

The Challenges

We do not foresee any Risks or Challenges if the funding goes through.
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A$45 +Copy + SupportYou will receive acknowledgement with a photo on the supporters page + One Copy of Take Issue 04 sent to any address worldwide.
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A$95 +2 Copies + Your PhotoYou will have the opportunity to publish one of your photos plus a portrait on our supporters pages + you will be sent one two copies to any address worldwide.
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