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Mainstream media would have us believe that crypto currencies are insecure, unstable, fads, ponzi schemes, an avenue for money laundering or for trafficking drugs.  We are on a mission to uncover and present the real stories, the personal stories and the impact that cryptocurrencies are having on peoples' lives here in Australia.

What we are discovering is a strong, community of people coming together to make Bitcoin user friendly, safe and secure.  We've also found that people have a lot of questions about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, and are really curious to know how it all works.  These are the questions we intend to answer in the mini series.

The elegant combination of Dale's experience and connections in the Bitcoin ecosphere together with Chris's attention to detail and professional,  on-the-fly approach is guaranteed to deliver a unique and valuable inside perspective. 

We know we are part of history in the making.  Just by reading this you've already contributed to the growth of cryptocurrency and by pledging you'll be taking a seat right beside us!

Stretch goals

There is much we can do with extra backing beyond our initial goal.

- pick up more interstate interviews and cover more events.
- pick up more field trips and capture additional vision to match interviews 
- add additional animations from Josh, our animator.
- host events / tour screenings / organise international screenings

The more we get, the more we'll create. Simple.

We thank you for coming on board the project and look forward to making this project shine.

A sneak peak at some Interviews already captured

At our campaign launch party we screened a 6 minute teaser with some interviews and people have since asked us "where can I see the interviews?"   You asked - so here it is!   The following are some raw / rough snippits of footage we have so far:

The Bitcoin Doco - Interview Sneak Peek (As shown at Launch party) from The Bitcoin Doco on Vimeo.

Some Of My Previous Work

Chris Mylrae has been involved in many docos including:  Salute (The Movie)

Above and Beyond :: a full-length doco about the pilots based in Telefomin, a village nestled in a mountain range with no access to the outside world. (with CQL Productions)

A Nuns new Habbit :: a feature length doco about a Sister of the Good Samaritans who resides in the outback town of Whyalla, not far from (the now closed) Baxter detention centre. (with Robyn Hughan)

Chris has also directed & shot music videos for artists such as Jimmy Barnes, Slinkee Minx and Dallas Crane.  He has also created material for all kinds of organisations and documented many interesting events from large scale conferences to games conventions.

As for Dale (that's me!) I'm the creator of MADinMelbourne and on a mission to make Melbourne the Bitcoin Capital of the World.  I've worked with hundreds of people to assist them transform their dreams to reality - whether that be to lose weight, find a job/partner/living environment, escape on a holiday, transform relationships, or step into a leadership role.  Making this documentary - for me - is to realise my dream.  I also founded the Melbourne Bitcoin shopping tours and am very active in the Australian crypto-scene.  Ps:  (keep in touch)

How The Funds Will Be Used

Filming (interviews, on-location, events), flights (for additional locations), editing, colour grading, sound mixing, animation, music composition, hard disks (380GB already!) and associated web hosting costs.

We have costed this realistically so we can cover 3 episodes and also produce exciting bonus material. We are still assuming we can stay on your couches when we travel and eat out cheap : the funds are for the doco.

We are shooting HD with proper mics and fill lighting (when needed) but travel light so we can bring you images of people in their natural habitat. We believe this is much more dynamic than putting people in front of a plain background and simply asking them questions. There has been a lot of travelling thus far, and will be more to come.

Your coin means we are not out-of-pocket and are each able to pay rent and studio costs for the duration of the doco. The mini-series will end up on the web as Creative Commons BY-NC-SA ; the Vimeo (Pro) version with zero ads, the Youtube without revenue streams. The series will be downloadable in HD for backers.

The Challenges

One of the biggest obstacles that we face is getting a fair and equal balance between all of the topics Bitcoin affects.  We don't want to go down one particular pathway and risk presenting a biased opinion. This is why your feedback, your questions and your support is important - we want to cover topics that interest you and that answer YOUR questions!

We have attended various meetUPs and events asking people the question "what would you want to see in a Bitcoin documentary?". The feedback and leads have been super valuable and we have picked up some great content - although finding people in government and banking sectors (who are willing to appear on camera and have their opinions go on the record) is proving to be quite a challenge.  Of course, we are happy to do anonymous interviews... and realise there is a possibility that we could draw the attention of candidates here on this very page... (feel free to message us.) 

One of the greatest challenges though is locating and meeting the anonymous, hidden, secretive Bitcoiners. 
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A$50 +Tickets to the party celebrating Part 1 of the series.  It goes live the moment the credits roll! Access to extended versions of all 3 parts of the series as they are released.
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A$150 +A guided peer 2 peer shopping tour of Melbourne's Bitcoin hotspots, meet the merchants, ask them questions, get bitcoin deals, and learn to shop with Bitcoin. Of course, tickets to the opening screening too!
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A$400 +A half day workshop on either: wallets - learn the difference between paper, hard, cold and hot. Discover how-to tips for securing your crypto currencies. * OR * choose a workshop to learn about tax/GST and crypto currencies by a professional who is knowledgable in both law and cryptocurrencies. He will explain a few facts and answer your questions, expand your thoughts perhaps. Web hook up for international/interstate guests.
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A$700 +Bitcoin explorer package. A full day workshop with some of Australia's leading crypto-currency experts (web hook up for interstate/international pledgers). HD digital download with access to tons of bonus material.
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A$2000 +Put my name on it!For businesses that can see educating people in what crypto currency is and how to use it is a critical step in the growth of crypto's. You're so supportive you'd like your name on the credits... plus you'll get access to all the footage and bonus interviews when the series is released.
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A$2500 +Customised Bitcoin EventWe bring a Bitcoin event to an environment of your choice, this includes the Lamassu machine, get started in Bitcoin kits, our Bitcoin experts will tailor a cryptocurrency solution specific to your business needs.
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A$5000 +Your LogoIn addition to previous tier, your company logo will be featured on The Bitcoin Doco's promotional material for the duration of the series (12 - 18 months) as well as on the credits of the final releases.
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