Help Pirates run for the WA Senate!

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An election has been called for the WA Senate in light of lost ballots, and the Pirate Party needs your assistance to field candidates to represent you this election.

Pirate Party Australia is a political party based around the core tenets of freedom of information and culture; civil and digital liberties; privacy and anonymity; and government transparency.

We have a comprehensive, evidence based policy set that includes policies for environmental protection, marriage reform, drug reform, the enhancement of democratic participation, welfare reform, asylum seekers and refugees, education, tax, and a bill of rights.

See our Platform and Policy

We are entirely funded by our members and the public, so we need your help!

The major parties have made it more difficult to contest elections, making running a political campaign very expensive. We are seeking assistance from you, the interested and concerned people of Australia, to help us to wage a campaign.

See our election pledge on digital and civil liberties - Get a Warrant

The election for the Western Australian Senate is of great importance. The winners may well hold the balance of power, controlling whether legislation passes or lapses. Regardless of whether we win a seat or not, having a strong campaign and nominating to run is important to communicate our policies and ideals to the public at large, and to show the major parties that issues such as dragnet warrantless surveillance are not acceptable.

In the 2013 federal election, Pirate Party Australia received 0.33% of the senate vote in New South Wales, 0.37% in Victoria, 0.5% in Queensland and 0.58% in Tasmania, with a very small budget. We secured 1.51% of the primary vote in the Griffith by-election in February 2014, and with your help we can do even better in Western Australia!

Want to volunteer to help out on election day? Click here.

Free membership to the Party for WA residents until election night!

How The Funds Will Be Used

The cost of fielding candidates for a Senate election is $2000 per candidate, with a minimum of two candidates. Accordingly, $4000 will go towards the fielding of candidates.

The remaining $6000 will go towards the production of election signage and how-to-vote material.

Excess funding will go towards communicating our message to a wider audience through advertising and the production of further materials as necessary.

No money will go towards paying candidates, officials or members of Pirate Party Australia. All funds will go directly into campaign materials as above, and any excess funds will be used for advertising and additional materials.

Any funds that do not end up being used for the election will be used to fund our future campaigns.

The Challenges

We hope that we will attain enough votes to represent you in the Senate, but if that turns out not to be the case, we will be running a strong campaign on the issues that matter, yet are constantly ignored by the major parties and often drowned out by other noise in the mainstream media.

By contesting this election we will ensure that voters are given a real choice. We will fight strongly on issues such as warrantless surveillance, government transparency, civil and digital liberties, Internet censorship, copyright and patent reform.

We look forward to representing you in Parliament. :)
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