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Back when we used to jam at the bakery in Mildura we used to joke about how cool it would be to have the chance to spray our stupid bogan dirty rock love across the face of Europe. And to do it the right way too; two broke dudes and a van, traveling from country to country, doing gig after gig every night, freezing our balls off but hopefully blowing some minds along the way.

We have always loved doing what we do and regardless of whether we are playing a festival show or a gig at the local pub we always rock the fuck out! Just ask your mum!!!! We are going to slap the environmental friendliness out of every recycle bin and riff the shit out of every venue that has booked us in Europe. We have been lucky enough to play some incredible shows, with some incredible bands and get drunk (to meet and share a cold beer) with some really cool people all around Australia. But now it’s time to lower a few IQs overseas and demonstrate how much noise two guys from rural Victoria can make.

We really need your help to make this a reality. We have the majority of the flights covered but fall short on almost everything else. Van hire, backline hire (drums and amps), accommodation, fuel, sound guy etc. Over our time as a band, stuff has been collected that we thought would be awesome to show the grandkids later on see that rusty old tray there Bartholomew? When I was a boy I used to smash the shit out of that with these arthritic hands.

Anyway, we are willing to part prematurely with things that have traveled with us and been a vital part of Jackson Firebird's history, in order to get us where we want to go today. And who better to have them but the people who have traveled that journey with us…… our fans!

We have a tour lined up and booked with some killer bands playing at killer venues. We are touring with Scorpion Child & Horisont

The Tour Dates are as follows;
28-Mar-14 BE Brussels AB Club 29-Mar-14 DE München Droptune Festival 30-Mar-14 DE Leipzig Hellraiser 31-Mar-14 CH Pratteln Z7 03-Apr-14 AT Innsbruck Weekender 04-Apr-14 DE Esslingen Komma 05-Apr-14 AT Wolfsberg JUZ 06-Apr-14 DE Lichtenfels Paunchy Cats 08-Apr-14 AT Wien Arena 09-Apr-14 DE Darmstadt Steinbruch Theater 10-Apr-14 DE Saarbrücken Garage 11-Apr-14 DE Siegen Vortex 12-Apr-14 NL Tilburg Roadburn Festival 13-Apr-14 DE Rheine Hypothalamus 15-Apr-14 DK Kopenhagen Beta 16-Apr-14 DE Berlin Comet

Some Of My Previous Work

The last time JF was lucky enough to tour over in the UK we were so poor we got into argument over which two minute noodles we should buy 65p or 89p?

Jackson Firebird has been steadily building an audience over the last few years. We have toured extensively in Australia performing with amazing acts such as Gary Clark Jr, Eagles of Death Metal & Dead Daises and performed at amazing pubs, clubs and festivals.

We have had the amazing opportunity to perform in the UK on two separate tours in 2012 and in the USA and Canada in 2013...all of this has attracted Napalm Record to sign us for the UK/Europe....now is our first chance to Rock Europe in support of the release of Cock Rockin...

How The Funds Will Be Used

To make this tour a reality we need to cover the following budget;

Flights - $6000 (JF + Sound Guy)
Accom - $3000
Van Hire - $2400
Backline Hire - $3200
Sound Engineer Fee - $2400
Total Costs = $17,000 (does not include any fees for the band)

Napalm Records Tour Support - $5000
Performance Fees - $2000

Net to Raise = $10,000

The Challenges

The key risk for this tour is that when Europe see us play they will fall in love with us and never let us leave...please make sure we can afford return tickets!
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A$5 +Jackson Firebird Logo Guitar Pick!
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A$20 +Jackson Firebird logo Head sweatbands! Perfect for those sweaty moments. Your new favorite love towel. Stick it in your pocket, add inches to your girth instantly!! Or, just wear it on your head.
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A$35 +Signed Bottle Bin EPs as recorded at Hot House studios (Very Rare)
21 Chosen | 29 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2014
A$50 +Cock Rockin Signed Vinyl (European Release)
23 Chosen | 27 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2014
A$100 +Used Signed Bottle Bin Trays (free sweat and dribble)
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A$150 +All GoneBass drum skin (with logo)
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A$250 +All GoneBottle Bin (original painted for EP cover)
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A$500 +All GoneHagstrom Guitar… very used condition. Used on Cock Rockin Album and thrashed on stages Australia wide.
1 Chosen | 0 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2014
A$1000 +Opportunity for a Bass player to sit in onstage for a set. (subject to tour schedule in your area) On top of this you get to rehearse wit the band! Rockin!
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A$2500 +Wedding/party/anything gig playing every song we know plus one request which we will play in our unique Jackson Firebird style. (available in Victoria or Adelaide only)
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