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UPDATE: The winning *CAMPSTER* we love. Now it's time to build it.

Here's where we began...

We are (f)route Inc. (pronounced 'fruit') - and we're a social enterprise that works to bring GOOD travellers to our favourite places in East Gippsland. Places that are full o' fruit, slow art and outdoorsy walking & cycling adventures. We are building the 'f' - route.

NOW we need friendly, ethical, culture-seeking, adventurous travellers to explore the wild 90 Mile beach between Pt Hicks Lighthouse and Mallacoota.

To do that … to accommodate our good tourists ... we need a fleet of very good *CAMPSTER*s.

*CAMPSTER*s are slightly groovy, portable, green creative shelters that can house the hikers and cyclists who travel the (f)route.

As a 'not for profit' community-owned Travel Bureau - we need to be able to set our *CAMPSTER*s up, along the route – on demand – so that travellers can hike all day – and arrive at their tiny pop-up home, all kitted out with fruit and art (and dinner) on arrival.

We have done a LOT of the groundwork to make this plan a reality. (Got the team? Check. Got a big (f)route community? Check. Got the business plan? Check. Got half the seed funding offer? Check.)

So - now we need to create the iconic *CAMPSTER* prototype.

Building the prototype, will allow us to make a compelling pitch – and sell our idea - to social investors and the good travellin’ world.

So – we’ve built an event. It’s called (f)routeville.

We’ve invited nice, generous, fun people and a very wise celebrity (Costa Georgiadis, Gardening Australia).

We’ve launched a *CAMPSTER* design competition - and hawked it far and wide (and locally of course).

On 1 March 2014 at (f)routeville we choose the winning design – amid great hoopla!
It’s our BIG chance to pitch this social enterprise and this *CAMPSTER* concept with gusto.

So – we are seeking your support to build the *CAMPSTER* prototype
AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after the design is chosen – and announced.

We're sure we'll have it built in no time flat - if we have the funds ready to go.

(f)route POD - the plans

Some Of My Previous Work

(f)route has been such a long time coming.
You just can't doubt our persistence and capacity to create something magical out of thin air.
We've been working on (f)route for the last 3 years (maybe that's 4 years now).

You can see our blog here - which includes all the films that we've made along the way at We hope you can watch each and every one of them.

We have worked hard at connecting all sorts of people, from all over East Gippsland - and yes, the world.
You can glimpse the (f)route community here

And of course there's always facebook at check out those albums.

How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds we seek will be used to BUILD the *CAMPSTER* PROTOTYPE.
That means honing the winning *CAMPSTER* design - in collaboration with the designer - to suit our needs perfectly, then creating a one-off sample that will become our show-off piece.

A (f)route CART that we built last year.

Our budget is devoted primarilty to the design and construction - with a little bit of branding, logo making, marketing and launching to take the *CAMPSTER* experience to the world.

$2,000 - to the original artist/architect/designer.
$6,000 - for basic construction (exact cost is unknown as yet, but we have good skills and local, recycled materials that should allow us to build the base design within budget). Embellishment and technology can be added if we pass this minimum funding estimate.
$1,000 - for *CAMPSTER* logo, branding, kit documentation. The *CAMPSTER* manual.
$1,000 - for administration, overheads, online, communication, printing.

The Challenges

We know this is not an easy path. We've been working for 3 years now on a roller coaster of funding successes and failures. We've had more success than most - but we still work out of our own pockets to prove that East Gippsland has a culture and an artistry and is a 'destination' that we can polish up to be truly special.

We've worked through the Social Traders CRUNCH program - and survived. (So, we can do anything.)

There is no risk associated with building the (f)route *CAMPSTER*.

That's not to say the rest will be smooth sailing - but we are WAY ahead of the pack.

on 19th Mar 2014 at 8:41am. The payment portal is closed now.
A$10 +A permanent online thank-you at PLUS a Johnsonville peach stone - saved especially for you . ( You then kinda become part of an evolving artwork.)
13 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$25 +A jar of (f)route's peach chutney, made at (f)routeville, by the East Gippsland Makerspace will be DONATED to a nearby family in your honour. Plus a permanent online thank-you at
13 Chosen | 7 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$30 +A jar of backyard (f)route jam homemade by us. (Available for collection at various locations). PLUS a (f)route badge posted to you. Plus a permanent online thank-you at
19 Chosen | 81 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$50 +A free (f)route breakfast - including apple dumplings hot off the (f)route CART (in Spring 2014) to celebrate the launch of the *CAMPSTER*. PLUS a (f)route badge. PLUS a permanent online thank-you at
20 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is September 2014
A$100 +A (f)route t-shirt screen-printed and READY for you to wear hiking-with-fruit. PLUS a free (f)route breakfast. PLUS a permanent online thank you at
15 Chosen | 35 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2014
A$250 +A fully supported half-day (f)route bike ride from Nicholson River Winery to oneofftwo Studio, Nungurner. PLUS a permanent online thank you at IMAGE: LIQUID LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY
1 Chosen | 29 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2014
A$500 +A boxed copy of the Sweet Abundance Art Book, curated by Dore Stockhausen & Marcus Foley (Oneofftwo, Nungurner), & Daniel Jenkins, showcasing the work of acclaimed jewellery makers Emily Becher / Ximena Briceno / Jess Dare / Bin Dixon Ward / Marcus Foley / Jill Hermans / Pennie Jagiello / Svenja John / Katheryn Leopoldselder / Corinna Loelgen / Vicky Mason / Phoebe Porter / Nina Oikawa / Dore Stockhausen / Mark Vaarwerk . PLUS an online thank you at IMAGE: DANIEL JENKINS, METUNG
1 Chosen | 9 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2014
A$2000 +Spend a night in the FIRST & ORIGINAL (f)route *CAMPSTER*. Wake up to a (f)route breakfast. Stroll the 90 Mile Beach. Take tea & (f)route cake with the Point Hicks Lighthouse caretaker.
0 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is November 2014
A$10000 +You and your best friend will be members of the inaugural 3 day (f)route CAMP at Mallacoota with the ultimate (f)route crew. Come *CAMP*ing with the best (f)route artists in the world. Eating fruit. Watching weather. Flying to Gabo Island. Kayaking to Gypsy Point. Making art in the wild. PLUS a permanent online thank you at
0 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is February 2015