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The THUNDERCLOUD crowd funding campaign has been launched as a means of securing the needed funds to finish this independent surf documentary. As an independent producer THUNDERCLOUD is easliy the biggest and most in depth project that I have taken on and it means the world to me. I've self funded everything about this production so far as it's my first fully independent production and to be 100% honest, finishing this production is one of the most important things in my life at this moment.

I feel that I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time, with the right people and THUNDERCLOUD is this story. Within THUNDERCLOUD I want to be able to show off the awesome power of what God has created for His glory so that people the world over can marvel at the spectacle and appreciate what men challenge themselves with.

Watch the new trailer here :

Thundercloud from onepalmMEDIA on Vimeo.

Below is the previous trailer that was released in June 2013 :

Thundercloud Teaser from onepalmMEDIA on Vimeo.

Based around one of the most spectacular days in surfing history, June 8th 2012...... When a swell of massive proportions arrived at Cloudbreak, (aka Thundercloud Reef) in Fiji, right in the middle of the ASP World Championship Surfing Tour Event.

You may have seen pictures in the magazines about this day, you may have read stories on the internet about it, THUNDERCLOUD is the full story in motion picture..... going deeper than you think!

With interviews and accounts from the world's best surfers, that challenged themselves in the South Pacific Ocean that day and survived! We are shining a light on the dark history of the area, re-enacting the murder of King Ratu Imanueli, that lead to the island of Tavarua being handed over to the opposing tribe as a peace offering and how that would effect the course of surfing history for years to come, as USA investors sought to create an exclusive surf resort in the area.

We hear from Tavarua Island's Jon Roseman, the Attorney General of Fiji and the man that lobbied the government to change the decree in 2010, Ian Muller, leading to the liberation of the exclusive wave rights in Fiji.

As Thundercloud Reef was open for the world to enjoy, we recount the awesome swells of 2010 & 2011....... And of course, all the drama and action of the WCT event and subsequent free surfing session that re-wrote the rule book and set the bar for paddle surfing into the future.

All this and more in a 60%20 minute documentary called THUNDERCLOUD.

We need your help to make this ground breaking story grace the big screen the world over.

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How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds will be allocated to the Post Production & Promotion of THUNDERCLOUD.

Music Licencing
Visual Effects
Sound Engineering
Cinema Premieres

The Challenges

With a project of this size and complexity a very real obstacle is that my computer is likely to melt down and implode from the 4K Red Footage and lengthy timelines. Let's all hope that doesn't happen!

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A$25 +For all contributions $25 or more you will get your name in the credits, be thanked online via the One Palm Media Facebook page and you'll receive a digital download of the final THUNDERCLOUD production.
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A$50 +For $50+ contributions you'll get the above + a 'limited edition' THUNDERCLOUD Hi-Res Print, signed by the director Talon Clemow.
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A$100 +For $100+ contributions you'll the above + an invitation to a VIP screening in cinema + a THUNDERCLOUD 'limited edition' T-shirt.
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A$500 +For $500+ contributions you'll get the above + your name in the 'Special Thanks' credits + an invitation to watch THUNDERCLOUD at the One Palm Media HQ before it goes to the cinema with a guest of your choice + dinner with the Director afterwards.
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A$1000 +For $1000+ you'll receive the above + an 'Associate Producer' credit in the opening title sequence of THUNDERCLOUD
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A$5000 +For contribution of $5000+ and above you'll receive the above + 'Executive Producer' credit or company logo in the opening title sequence.
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