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to all the support so far - FRIENDS OF ARTE MORIS.
KEEP SPREADING THE WORD and we will get this book made!

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Artist statement

Artist Statement for 'Myths and Murals' residency with Arte Moris.

I have worked with many Arte Moris artists on a few occassions in Melbourne. First with the 'Peace of Wall' mural making in Hosier lane in 2010, secondly at the Signal37 workshops and thirdly with the 'Doku Rai' production (a few pages shown here) collecting stories and ideas from the group and helping them illustrate them while I did portraits and edited the collaborative works into a catalogue. Something I invision happening naturally on this project.

Discussing what is required at Arte Moris with some of the artists, the idea to invite people to tell the stories of the building came up. The once highly renowned museum of East Timor at Arte Moris was pillaged and most artifacts and historical monuments were destroyed or stolen in recent histories. By asking young, old, male and female locals all to tell us something they know about the space, we aim to create 'A Documented History of Arte Moris' through different stories translated to drawings by myself and any students of any age willing to participate. This would start as illustrations, cartoons and symbols and eventually the project would become a mural on and aound the building. I want to collect images of this process and turn into a book to share and start a new documented history for the centre.

For more information on the project contact
Chris Parkinson

Martin Hughes

Video created by
Chris Phillips

Michael Fikaris

Some Of My Previous Work

MICHAEL FIKARIS is a self-taught artist. He is a comic book artist, illustrator and painter. He has been invloved in small press publishing for almost 20 years.

He runs Silent Army Comic Collective ( and has been a driving force of the growing contemporary comic art scene in Australia since the mid 1990's. His art has been collected by various galleries including the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra (Space Invaders, 2010). He has done many artist residencies in Melbourne including NGV studio (Inherent Vice, 2011) and recently at Arts Centre Melbourne with Sans Hotel (In Spite of Myself, 2013).

The Age called him a "Graphic Art Guru" ( )

In 2012, Michael began curating and publishing Dailies, 'the comic art anthology of everyday retellings' with Australasian contributors young and old. ABC National Book and Art Show reviewed it as ...what could happen in Australian comics in the next ten years. He has edited and published over 30 comic books and has been a freelance illustrator for many varied businesses large and small over the years.

An innovator and elder in his own community of Melbourne artists, he was part of Citylights projects studios at the start of the first wave of Street Art in Melbourne and later was employed as the first tour guide of Melbourne street art when the company Melbourne Street Tours started in 2009.

As well as being a practicing artist, Michael regularly engages with schools and youth programmes as an artist-in-residence running workshops and doing as much as he can to inspire young minds with art in it's many forms and possibilities. A proud artist at the Blender Studios in the heart of Melbourne, Michael lives in Coburg.

Video Links to Fikaris talking
the Age
Think Maven
Some Links with Fikaris
-diplomat of information on the streets
-sharer of things inside fancy buildings

other relevant links

How The Funds Will Be Used

Am asking for $4900 to make a softcover perfect bound book of 500 copies to share between Australia and East Timor.
I am aiming to make a 100 page black and white printed interior softcover book with a colour cover.
The quote for printing is $3200 - my time for layout and pre press is free.
I am asking for $1000 to help with the costs of the journey and some of the expenses whilst away from my work in Melbourne. Imunization shots alone were $300.
Needing 700 to cover transport/petrol costs and visa/insurance costs for visit.

So breakdown is :
$3200, printing costs.
$500, transport hire and fuel in Timor.
$200, Visa costs and travel insurance.
$1000, rent at home and medical costs for journey.
TOTAL $4900

If, in the best case, there is excess support (all rewards add up to $10 000) - all proceeds will go towards Arte Moris and supplies for the school.
Myths & Murals is a cross-cultural public art and literacy project between Melbourne and East Timor, promoting a common sense of national identity through art and story and collaborative strategies for engagement between Australian and East Timorese artists.

The Challenges

I am travelling to East Timor with over 10 others as part of the Myths and Murals ongoing project and will be making whatever is possible with my own resources. If I do not raise enough interest here I will try again and we will make whatever we can manage to make together.
on 5th Nov 2013 at 12:00am. The payment portal is closed now.
A$20 +A journal of my residency as a 20 page 'arte moris travel zine' collecting drawings and stories from each day. Signed edition of 100. Mailed to you anywhere in Australia on my return. (picture below is some sample pages from Doku Rai newsprint catalogue from 2013)
13 Chosen | 37 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$40 +A copy of the proposed 'Arte Moris' book 100 page perfect bound with colour cover signed by myself and others from the Myths and Murals team. ( pictured below is the emblem of my pirate faith in publishing - the ink and cross bones )
11 Chosen | 39 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$50 +An existing lino cut print of 'clean hands' edition of 50 + the 'arte moris travel journal'. (picture below is 'clean hands' lino print on rag paper 2013)
14 Chosen | 6 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$100 +'clean hands' print + 'arte moris travel journal' zine + 'a bit of froth' book signed by Michael Fikaris + a copy of the proposed 'Arte Moris' book signed. ( picture below is 'A Bit of Froth' )
9 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$150 +'Arte Moris travel journal' + 'A Bit of Froth' by Michael Fikaris + 'Peace of Wall' by Chris Parkinson - signed + a copy of the 'Arte Moris' book signed. ( picture below is 'Peace of Wall' )
10 Chosen | 10 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$200 +the proposed 'Arte Moris' book, signed + original print from the residency at Arte Moris + a special thankyou in the book. (picture below is what to expect maybe )
2 Chosen | 8 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$500 +The proposed 'Arte Moris book' signed + original illustration on paper from the 2 week residency at Arte Moris school + homemade dinner for 2 at my house ( picture below just seemed to fit in here )
1 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013
A$1000 +One of everything listed above ( including the dinner offer ) + a slideshow presentation / and personal thankyou + a private tour of melbourne city street art for 2 and a special bonus comic book package. ( picture below is a visual reminder of the feeling you get when you G I V E : )
0 Chosen | 2 AvailableEst. delivery is December 2013