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Hello! Welcome to my NEW SINGLE Pozible page.

My name is AISLINN SHARP, and I am a Brisbane singer-songwriter on keyboard, and graduate from the Queensland Conservatorium.

Over the past three years, I have been self-managing and funding my first album titled "ON THE COUCH". So far I have released five iTunes singles from this album, which have been successful in receiving community radio air-play across Australia with the support of the AirIT AMRAP program (http://airit.org.au/airit/Aislinn-Sharp-On-The-Couch.html). Some of my songs have also been awarded with songwriting accolades at the Queensland Music Awards, and Australian Songwriting Contests.

Some standout music achievements of mine include being recently promoted on 612ABC Brisbane radio by Breakfast announcer, Spencer Howson. Also my fifth single, Alone (Bye, Bye) features a music video with 2012 Semi-Finalists on Australia's Got Talent, Brisbane Hip-Hop Dance Crew, Runway DC (www.facebook.com/RunwayDanceCrew). The promotional trailer for this music video can be watched at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpJON8jmNmY

The purpose of my Pozible music project is to raise money to record and master a new song titled "THE WALL", which will be included on my first album release. Through Pozible I am hoping to raise at least $1300; less than a tenth of my total album costs.

Here is a list of all the project costs you will be helping me to cover:
- Recording fee with Caleb James (http://www.calebjames.com/).
- Mastering fee with Matt Gray (http://matthewgraymastering.com/).
- Guest artist fee to hire a beat boxer to feature on my song, The Wall.
- iTunes submission fee.

By making a donation to this music project, you will be greatly helping me as an independent Australian artist to produce high quality original music, and become closer to completing my first album, On The Couch. Additional funds given beyond my set Pozible project target will contribute towards the costs of producing my next album song, "UNSUNG HERO".

Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot. Please feel free to also connect with me via my social media sites (see below).

Best wishes,

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A$5 +RECEIVE ADVANCED DOWNLOAD OF NEW SONG, THE WALL. You will be rewarded with an exclusive advanced download of Aislinn Sharp's new single "The Wall" from the upcoming record. Produced by Caleb James.
2 Chosen | 98 AvailableEst. delivery is May 2013
A$20 +RECEIVE DOWNLOAD OF E.P. VERSION OF "ON THE COUCH You will receive a digital download of five songs currently released from Aislinn's first album titled "On The Couch". The songs include "This Bridge Is Burnt!", "All I Need (Love Theme From 'Fleeting'), "Affluent Societies", "On The Couch", and the new single, "Alone (Bye, Bye)".
7 Chosen | 13 AvailableEst. delivery is March 2013
A$85 +MEET AND CHAT WITH AISLINN Enjoy a coffee/ beverage in Brisbane with Aislinn, or jump on Skype if you're not, and share a good long chat (approximately one hour). This is your chance to ask any questions about Aislinn's record and what it's like making music. Reward also includes: + Download of E.P. version of "On The Couch". + Download of new single, "The Wall".
2 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2013
A$500 +AISLINN SHARP HOUSE CONCERT Aislinn will come and perform for you and your friends at a mutually convenient time.* The performance will be a 45 minute solo performance on vocals and keyboard. Reward also includes: + Download of E.P. version of "On The Couch". + Download of new single, "The Wall". *Only available in BRISBANE and GOLD COAST.
1 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is April 2013
A$1000 +AISLINN WRITES A SONG FOR YOU You will be rewarded with a song written for you by Aislinn Sharp. As a nationally acclaimed songwriter, this is a very special reward. Aislinn will consult with you about your preferred topic, situation or issue that you would like to hear written into a song dedicated to you.* Reward also includes: + Download of E.P. version of "On The Couch". + Download of new single, "The Wall". *As the songwriter, Aislinn Sharp will retain all copyrights and royalties.
0 Chosen | 1 AvailableEst. delivery is May 2013