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Elliot Chapple
Office Dog Evangelist 

"When I was the main project supervisor here at Pozible we had our highest ever monthly success rate at 67%"

"I've spent a lot of time checking what works and what doesn't (& what's changing!) since starting at Pozible, so I've got all sorts of advice when it comes to your project."

Gemma Bastiani
Sydney Swans no. 1 Fan

"We loved our crowdfunding campaigns on Pozible. It was pretty hard work but the team in Melbourne were very supportive and really seemed to understand the importance of what we are aiming to do." 

- Injalek Arts

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After you've reached your inital target, set and aim for as many new stretch targets as you like!

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Let users easily pledge to your campaign without needing an account or password.

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If you see a campaign you like, use it as a template for your own campaign.

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