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The Best of Pozible, Now All Yours

Pozible Base allows anyone to create and manage their own crowdfunding platform while plugging into the biggest community of crowdfunders in Asia Pac.

Much More Than Just Technology

A complete, flexible solution for leading fundraising, change and engagement through crowdfunding.

Latest Pozible Technology500,000 Users from 105 CountriesPozible Experience & ReputationCustomised Branding & URL Solution

Fully Branded & Customised URL

Nest Base on Pozible or your own webpage, fully branded with your identity for the best impact & resonance with your user base.

Mirror Projects onto Pozible

Choose to have campaigns mirrored on Pozible to take advantage of our traffic and exposure.

Crowdfunding Account

Successful films funded on Pozible have the option to use ScreenConnect to easily deliver the final film to Pozible supporters for free and turn their existing supporters into crowd distributors. ScreenConnect will extend Pozible’s existing reach by making the process seamless from funding to distribution.

Collect & Control Fees

Pozible Base allows partners to determine what fees will be charged & to whom, or even collect a service fee from projects they are hosting.

Be Flexible

Partners can choose to offer "All or Nothing" or "Flexible Funding" models and control how projects will be approved.

Easy Setup

No technical skills required - Pozible handles technical support and training.

Trusted By Our Existing Partners

Built for every purpose, everywhere

Base can be built for standalone initiatives or ongoing services.